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gravido or cyes/o or cye/i pregnancy or gestation
Pregnancy or Gestation is The development of a fertilized ovum from conception to birth
Conception is a joining of an ovum and sperm
conception is aka fertilization
an ovum is a mature oocyte or egg cell
A sperm is called a spermatozoon
more than one spermatozoom are called spermatozoa
Spermatozoa are the male sex cells
Amni/o or amnion/o amnion
What is amnion the membranous sac that surrounds the embryo/fetus
smniocentesis surgical puncture of the amnion
An amniocentesis is usually performed after 14 weeks
amniotic fluid--what is it used for? to detect genetic abnormalities
Fet/o or fe/i--fetus--what is a fetus? the fertilized ovum from the 9th week of gestation to birth
nat/o birth or parturition-What is it? Mother and fetus part ways
Prenatal pertaining to before birth
Par/o or part/o live births
Multiparous (multip) pertaining to more than one viable birth
viability referes to ability of the fetus to live outside of the uterus
multiparous women usually have shorter labor times
omphal/o (Willy Wonka) umbilical cord or umbilicus
What is the umbilical cord it connects the embryo/fetus to the placenta
The layperson call the placenta after birth
What is the placenta? connection between the fetal and maternal blood supply
Maternal refers to Mom (mother)
Omphalitis Inflammation of the umbilical cord
lactogenic pertaining to the production of milk (lactation)
Pelvis the pelvis is made up of 3 bones called: ilium, ishium and pubis
Pelvimetry The process of measuring the pelvis
Prim/i first
Primipara Primary/first viable birth
`pseudo/o false
pseudocyesis false pregnancy (gestation)
pylor/o pyloric sphincter allows food to leave the stomach. (cluster of cells that open and closes
pyloric stenosis congenital narrowing of the plyoric sphencter causing an ileus.
congenital means you are born with the abnormality
What is an ileus bowel obstruction
nulli none
nulliparous pertaining to no viable birth
congenital means you are born with the abnormality
What is an ileus bowel obstruction
nulli none
nulliparous pertaining to no viable birth
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