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firsst ssat words

1st ten words for studying

amend to alter or modify by formal procedure to change for better improve
candor the state of being frank; open and sincere in speech. honest noun
obscure not clear or plain; vague or uncertian not clear to understand; hard to percieve unclear; not expressing the meaning clearly adj.
imperious domineering in a haughty manner; dictorial; overbearing: urgent; imperative adj. arrogant
peddle to carry from place to place for sale at retail;hawk to deal or distribute usually in small quantities verb, deliver
hallow to make holy; sanctify; to honor as one considered sacred: verb, revere
glib readily fluent, often thoughtlessly easy adj.
tangible capable of being touched real or actual,definite adj.
dearth scarcity and dearness of food; famine shortage noun
recluse a person who live in seclusion often for religious meditation shutoff or apart from world hermit adj., noun
Created by: jamiee
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