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Ch. 10 Vocab

vocabulary words

peninsula a body of land surrounded by water on three sides
fjord a long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea located between steep cliffs
plain a large flat area of land that usually does not have many trees
city-state a central city AND its surrounding villages
polis the central city of a city-state
oligarchy a government in which a few powerful individuals rule
philosopher a person who studies and thinks about why the world is the way it is
republic a form of government in which people rule through elected representatives
Senate the assembly of elected representatives that was the most powerful ruling body of the Roman Republic
patrician in ancient Rome, a member of a wealthy, landowning family that claimed to be able to trace its roots back to the founding of Rome
plebeian a common citizen of ancient Rome
empire a nation or group of territories ruled by an emperor
medieval relating to the period of history between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the modern world
feudalism a political and economic system in which lords gave land to less powerful nobles, called vassals, in return for which the vassals agreed to provide various services to the lords
manorialism a social system in which peasants worked on a lord's land and supplied him with food in exchange for his protection of them
guild a business association created by people working in the same industry to protect their common interests and maintain standards within the industry
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