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The US Bill of Right

Legal and Ethical Aspects in Healthcare

The Bill of Rights guarentees... Certain Personal Liberties for US citizens
US Senators & US Representativies in Washington DC who make the Laws that govern the US is called... Congress
Laws passed by Congress or State Legislatures are called... Statutory Laws
What brach of Government does Congress make up... Legislative
Congress is made up of ___ Members 535 Members
There are ___ US Senators 100 Senators
There are ___ House of Reps 435 Representatives
A proposed law is called a ___ Bill
Each state is represented in Washington by... 2 US Senators
US Senators are elected for __yrs 6 Years
Florida has __ US House Representatives in Washington 25 House Reps
US House Representatives are elected for __yrs 2 years
What branch of Gov't does the POTUS make up... The Executive Branch
The POTUS has the power to ___ Laws passed by the 2 houses of Congress.. Veto
Veto means.. Legislation is "Killed"
The POTUS is elected when he accumulates ___ Electoral Votes 270
Congress has the power to overturn a presidential Veto with a _____ ... 2/3 Majority vote `
What branch of Gov't does the Supreme Court make up? The Judical Branch
What does the Supreme Court determine? If Laws are constitutional
The US Supreme court is made up of __ members 9 members
Who nominates US Supreme court justices ? The sitting POTUS
Who approves the Supreme court justices? The US Senate
How long are Supreme court judges in office for? Life
Limiting the power of the 2 branches of Gov't is refered to as ... Checks & Balances
What are these examples of .. 1) People may practice any religion or no religion in any fashion 2) Seperation of Church and State Freedom of Religion
To feel free to say ant Truth or Opinion without legal consequence is called... Freedom of Speech
Freedom to , Speak,Write,Paint,Sculpt,Photograph, etc.. Freedom of Expression
To Defame by SPEAKING a lie, is called... Slander
To defame by Writing a lie, is called... Libel
To Injure someone with Slander and or Libel is called.. Defame or Defamation
The Gov't shall make no laws prohibiting the rights of the press to investigate stories..is called Freedom of the Press
The press is AKA... Societys watchdog
To excert influence, by gathering in numbers for a change in Gov't is called.. Peacebly Assemble
Examples of when gathering in large numbers caused a change in Gov't ... Civil Rights Movement -- Viet Nam Demonstrations -- MADD Demonstrations -- Tea Party Demonstrations
Funding (Appropriations) for projects to bring money to a representatives district is called... Congressional Pork (Barrel)
Funds to be spent on specific projects refers to.. Earmarks
Gathering eno9ugh signatures to place a new law on the ballot for the people to vote on. Petition the Gov't for a re-dress of Grievences
"Keep and Bear arms" means.. The right to own and possess guns
People who influence decisions of lawmakers are called Lobbyists
The incriminating evidence is called.. Probable Cause
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