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Human A&P Marieb 8th Ed.: Word Roots, Prefices, Suffixes, and Combining Forms

a-, an- absence or lack
ab- departing from, away from
acou- hearing
ac-, acro- extreme or extremity, peak
ad- to or toward
aden-, adeno- gland
adren- toward the kidney
aero- air
af- toward
agon- contest
alb- white
aliment- nourish
allel- of one another
amphi- on both sides, of both kinds
ana- apart, up, again
anastomos- come together
aneurysm a widening
angi- vessel
angin- choked
ant-, anti- opposed to, preventing, or inhibiting
ante- preceding, before
aort- great artery
ap-, api- tip, extremity
append- hang to
aqua-, aque- water
arbor tree
areola- open space
arrect- upright
arthr-, arthro- joint
artic- joint
atri- vestibule
auscult- listen
aut-, auto- self
ax-, axi-, axo- axis, axle
azyg- unpaired
baro- pressure
basal base
bi- two
bili- bile
bio- life
blast- bud or germ
brachi- arm
brady- slow
brev- short
broncho- bronchus
bucco- cheek
calor- heat
capill- hair
caput- head
carcin- cancer
cardi-, cardio- heart
carneo- flesh
carot- carrot, stupor
cata- down
caud- tail
cec- blind
cele- abdominal
cephal- head
cerebro- brain, especially the cerebrum
cervic-, cervix neck
chaism- crossing
chole- bile
chondr- cartilage
chrom- colored
cili- small hair
circum- around
clavic- key
co-, con- together
coccy- cuckoo
cochlea snail shell
coel- hollow
commis- united
concha shell
contra- against
corn-, cornu- horn
corona crown
corp- body
cort- bark
cost- rib
crani- skull
crypt- hidden
cusp- pointed
cutic- skin
cyan- blue
cyst- sac, bladder
cyt- cell
de- undoing
decid- falling off
delta triangular
den-, dent- tooth
dendr- tree, branch
derm- skin
desm- bond
di- twice, double
dia- through, between
dialys- separate, break apart
diastole- stand apart
diure- urinate
dors- the back
duc-, duct- lead, draw
dura hard
dys- difficult, faulty, painful
ec-, ex-, ecto- out, outside, away from
ectop- displaced
edem- swelling
ef- away
ejac- to shoot forth
embol- wedge
en-, em- in, inside
enceph- brain
endo- within, inner
entero- intestine
epi- above, over
erthr- red
eso- within
eu- well
excret- separate
exo- outside, outer layer
extra- outside beyond
extrins- from the outside
fasci-, fascia- bundle, band
fenestr- window
ferr- iron
flagell- whip
flat- blow, blown
folli- bag, bellows
fontan- fountain
foram- opening
foss- ditch
gam-, gamet- married, spouse
gangli- swelling, or knot
gastr- stomach
gene- beginning, origin
germin- grow
gero-, geront old man
gest- carried
glauc- gray
glom- glom
glosso- toungue
gluco-, glycol- sugar
glute- buttock
gnost- knowing
gompho- nail
gon-, gono- seed, offspring
gust- taste
hapt- fasten, grasp
hema-, hemato-, hemo- blood
hemi- half
hepat- liver
hetero- different or other
hiat- gap
hippo- horse
hirsute- hairy
hist- tissue
holo- whole
hom-, homo- same
hormon- to excite
humor- a fluid
hyal- clear
hydr-, hydro- water
hyper- excess
hypno- sleep
hypo- below, deficient
hyster-, hystero- uterus or womb
ile- intestine
im- not
inter- between
intercal- insert
intra- within, inside
iso- equal, same
jugul- throat
justa- near, close to
karyo- kernal, nucleus
kera- horn
kilo- thousand
kin-, kines- move
labi-, labri- lip
lact- milk
lacun- space, cavity, lake
lamell- small plate
lamina layer, sheet
lat- wide
laten- hidden
layer- ide
leuko- white
leva- rise, elevate
lingua- tongue
lip-, lipo- fat, lipid
lith- stone
luci- clear
lumen light
lut- yellow
lymph- water
macro- large
macula spot
magn- large
mal- bad
mamm- breast
mast- breast
mater- mother
meat- passage
medi- middle
medull- marrow
mega- large
meio- less
melan- black
men-, menstru- month
meningo- membrane
mer-, mero- a part
meso- middle
meta- beyond, between, transition
metro- uterus
micro- small
mictur- urinate
mito- thread, filament
mnem- memory
mono- single
morpho- form
multi- many
mur- wall
muta- change
myelo- spinal cord, marrow
myo- muscle
nano- dwarf
narco- numbness
natri- sodium
necro- death
neo- new
nephro- kidney
neuro- nerve
noci- harmful
nom- name
noto- back
nucle- pit, kernel, little nut
nutri- feed, nourish
ob- before, against
oculo- eyes
odonto- teeth
olfact- smell
oligo- few
onco- a mass
opthalmo- eye
orb- circular
orchi- testis
org- living
ortho- straight, direct
osm- smell
osmo- pushing
osteo- bone
oto- ear
ov-, ovi- egg
oxy- oxygen
pan- all, universal
papill- nipple
para- beside, near
pect-, pectus breast
pelv- a basin
peni- a tail
penna- feather
pent- five
pep-, peps-, pept- digest
per-, permea- through
peri- around
phago- eat
pheno- show, appear
phleb- vein
pi tender
pili- hair
pin-, pino- drink
platy- flat, broad
pleur- side, rib
plex-, plexus net, network
pneumo- air, wind
pod- foot
poly- multiple
post- after, behind
pre-, pro- before, ahead of
procto- rectum, anus
pron- bent forward
propi- one’s own
pseudo- false
psycho- mind
ptos- fall
pub- of the pubis
pulmo- lung
pyo- pus
pyro- fire
quad-, quadr- four-sided
re- back, again
rect- straight
ren- kidney
retin-, retic- net, network
retro- backward, behind
rheum- watery flow, change, or flux
rhin-, rhino- nose
ruga- fold, wrinkle
sagitt- arrow
salta- leap
sanguin- blood
sarco- flesh
saphen- visible, clear
sclero- hard
seb- grease
semen seed, sperm
smi- half
sens- feeling
septi- rotten
septum fence
sero- serum
serrat- saw
sin-, sino- a hollow
soma- body
somn- sleep
sphin- squeeze
splanchn- organ
spondyl- vertebra
squam- scale, flat
steno- narrow
start- layer
stria- furrow, streak
stroma- spread out
sub- beneath, under
sucr- sweet
sudor- sweat
super- above, upon
sym-, syn- together, with
synerg- work together
systole- contraction
tachy- rapid
tact- touch
telo- the end
templ-, tempo- time
tens- stretched
terti- third
tetan- rigid
therm- heat
thromb- clot
thyro- a shield
tissue- woven
tono- tension
tox- posion
trab- bean, timber
trans- across, through
trapez- table
tri- three
trop- turn, change
throph- nourish
tuber- swelling
tunic- covering
tympan- drum
ultra- beyond
vacc- cow
vagin- sheath
vagus- wanderer
valen- strength
venter, ventr- abdomen belly
vent- the wind
vert- turn
vestibl- a porch
vibr- shake, quiver
villus shaggy hair
visero- organ
viscos- sticky
vita- life
vitre- glass
viv- live
vulv- a covering
zyg- a yoke, twin
-able able to, capable of
-ac referring to
-algia pain in a certain part
-apsi juncture
-ary associated with, relating to
-asthen weakness
-bryo swollen
-cide destroy or kill
-cipit head
-clast break
-crine separate
-dips thirst, dry
-ectomy cutting out, surgical removal
-ell, -elle small
-emia condition of the blood
-esthesi sensation
-ferent carry
-form, -forma shape
-fuge driving out
-gen an agent that initiates
-glea, -glia glue
-gram data the are systematically recorded, a record
-grqaph an instrument used for recording date or writing
-ia condition
-iatrics medical specialty
-ism condition
-itis inflammation
-lemma sheath, husk
-logy study of
-lysis loosening or breaking down
-malacia soft
-mania obsession, compulsion
-nata birth
-nom govern
-odyn pain
-oid like, resembling
-omo tumor
-opia defect of the eye
-ory referring to, of
-pathy disease
-phasia speech
-phil, -philo like, love
-phobia fear
-phragm partition
-phylax guard, preserve
-plas grow
-plasm form, shape
-plasty reconstruction of a part, plastic surgery
-plegia paralysis
-rrhagia abnormal or excessive discharge
-rrhea flow or discharge
-scope instrument used for examination
-some body
-sorb suck in
-stalsis compression
-stasis arrest, fixation
-stitia come to stand
-stomy establishment of an artificial opening
-tegm cover
-tomy to cut
-trud thrust
-ty condition of, state
-uria urine
-zyme ferment
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