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Step by Step

Step by Step Chapters 12 & 13

local anesthesia is defined in the CPT guidelines as 1. local infiltration 2. metacarpal/feigital block 3. topical anesthesia - all of the above
This information is placed after some codes in the CPT manual and contains helpful information parenthetical information
The CPT code that is used to report materials and supplies by the physician for which no other more specific CPT code exists is 99070
The correct code for an unlisted procedure for the breast is 19499
Incision and drainage codes are divided into subcategories according to the conditions for which the procedure is performed
When an excision is beign performed, the "margins" refer to the *** required to adequately excise the lesion based on the physician's judgment ***narrowest margin
Excision defined as full thickness would be through the subcutaneous tissue
Wound closure requiring the use of adhesive strips as the sole repair material should be coded with an E/M Code
A physician performs an operative procedure that has a 90day surgical package. On day 40, the same physician performs an unrelated procedure on the same patient. What modifier would you attach to the CPT code when reporting the second procedure -79 modifier
An excision of the left great toe nail and matrix, complete for permanent removal Code - 11750-TA
Dermabrasion of the segmental face Code - 15781
Destruction of 7 actinic keratoses Code - 1700, 17003 x 6 units
Fine needle aspiration of the breast without imaging Code - 10021
To report an excision of a malignant lesion, the correct range of codes to use would be Codes - 11600-11646
Unlisted vascular endoscopy procedure Code - 37501
Unlisted procedure, accessory sinuses Code - 31299
Unlisted laparoscopy procedure, lymphatic system Code - 38589
Unlisted procedure, excision pressure ulcer Code - 15999
Biopsy removal of a small piece of living tissue for diagnostic examination
Currettage scraping of a cavity using a spoon-shaped instrument
Drainage free flow or withdrawl of fluids from a wound or cavity
Endoscopy inspection of body organs or cavities by the use of a lighted scope that may be
Excision cutting or taking away
Incision surgically cutting into
Repair to remedy, replace, or heal
Suture to unite parts by stitching them together
Suffix -centesis suffix for puncture of a cavity
suffix -ectomy suffix for removal of part or all of an organ of the body
suffix -plasty suffix for molding or surgically forming
Suture of superficial wounds of cheek: one 1 cm laceration, one 3 cm laceration, and one 2 cm laceration CPT Code: 12014
Excision of benign lesions on chest, 0.4 cm, with simple closure CPT Code: 11400
Mastopexy CPT Code: 19316
Simple repair of a superfacial wound of the nose measuring 5.2 cm CPT Code: 12014
Patient presents for an excision of a sacral pressure ulcer with ostectomy, with primary suture CPT Code: 15933
To correctly code lesion excision, you must know the behaviour (benign/malignant) as well as the site (1) and (2) of the lesions (1) number and (2) size
Do not use this modifier with skin tag codes because skin tag codes are based on the number of lesions removed -51 Modifier
Created by: mibc40
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