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drug administration

Has a local desired effect. topical
Means "intestinal." enteral
Drugs that are generally administered orally. enteral
Drugs that are generally administered via injection. parenteral
Has a systemic effect and is normally swallowed. enteral
Has a systemic effect and is not swallowed. parenteral
A nitroglycerin patch is used to treat cardiac problems and is considered this type of drug administration. parenteral
Through this type of drug administration, the drug is absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach. enteral
Eye drops are considered this type of drug administration. topical
Ear drops are considered this type of drug administration. topical
suppository medicine that melts at body temperature
auricular pertaining to the ear
intravitreal inside the eye
inhalation breathed in
vasoconstrictor tightens blood vessels
The most common drug administration route is: enteral
The most common enteral route is: oral
The trade name suppository for treating constipation is spelled: Dulcolax
The generic name for a suppository for treating constipation is: bisacodyl
A common suppository ingredient is: glycerin
LA long-acting
CR controlled-release
ER extended-release
PA prolonged-acting
SR sustained-release
sublingual under the tongue
permeable can be penetrated
buprenorphine a narcotic
propranolol for treatment of high blood pressure
buccal in the cheek
The patient was instructed to place the tablet under the lip, just above the teeth. This is an example of _____ administration. buccal
It is possible for the tongue and cheek to be used as drug administration routes because the mucosa is _____. permeable
A brand name drug used to treat ulcers and assist with the onset of labor is _____. Cytotec
A generic drug used to treat ulcers and assist with the onset of labor is _____. misoprostol
A spray administered under the tongue to alleviate nausea is an example of a _____ administration. sublingual
A generic drug used to eliminate bacteria is _____. metronidazole
A brand name drug used to eliminate bacteria is _____. Flagyl
Dilating the blood vessels can treat symptoms of angina, or chest pain. A generic drug that does this is _____. isosorbide
nitrous oxide laughing gas
general anesthesia unconsciousness
inhalation breathed in
insufflation blowing in
endotracheal tube catheter in the trachea
anesthesiologist a doctor who specializes in surgical pain control
Usually refers to the administration of anesthesia drugs. inhalation
Usually refers to drugs being "snorted." insufflation
The brand name of a potent inhalational anesthetic. Suprane
Also called laughing gas. An anesthetic drug which is milder, causing forgetfulness and relaxation. nitrous oxide
A tube inserted into the trachea to provide or maintain an airway and allow inhalational anesthesia. endotracheal tube
bolus single, large dose
PICC peripherally inserted central catheter
IV intravenous
gauge needle diameter
TPN total parenteral nutrition
syringe a small device for injecting fluids
A drug administered slowly over time. intravenous drip
A drug administered all at once. bolus
Which of the following is NOT a portal for the administration of intravenous drugs. total parenteral nutrition
A _____ has the advantage of injecting the drug directly into the heart. central IV line
A _____ is inserted into a peripheral vein and then threaded to the superior vena cava or right atrium. PICC
Of the following, which needle gauge represents the smallest diameter of needle? 22 gauge
intrathecal in the spinal canal
IM intramuscular
subcutaneous through the skin
insulin diabetes medication
epidural type of regional spinal anesthesia
Subcu or subq are both acceptable ways to represent what type of administration route? subcutaneous
Refers to a needle injection directly into a muscle. intramuscular
Refers to a needle injection directly into a vein. intravenous
Requires a short, large gauge needle. subcutaneous
Requires a long, small gauge needle. intramuscular
diffused spread, dispersed
nitroglycerin heart medication
transdermal through the skin
extracorporeal outside of the body
fentanyl a narcotic
Drugs can be administered entirely outside of the body
Nicotine patches put doses of real nicotine into the blood.
Atrovent used to prevent wheezing, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, and coughing in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Afrin Decongestant.
Monistat Antifungal.
barium enema Contrast medium.
Neosporin Antibiotic.
Benzocaine Local anesthetic.
beclomethasone Corticosteroid
TobraDex Combination antibiotic and corticosteroid.
potassium chloride Salt water solution in Visine.
Mydriacyl Anticholinergic.
nasogastric tube Tube passing from the nose to the stomach.
Dulcolax Suppository to treat constipation.
PEG Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy.
Gastrostomy Surgical opening of the stomach.
G-tube Gastric feeding tube.
Entex LA cold medicine. It contains a decongestant and an expectorant.
Inderal LA This is what is known as a beta blocker. It affects the heart and can be used to help with chest pain, prevent heart attacks, or treat other circulatory system problems.
Wellbutrin SR An antidepressant. It works on the brain to help with, well, depression.
Bontril SR An appetite suppressant. This is used for obesity and helps patients lose weight by decreasing their appetite.
Nalex CR Also a cold medicine. In fact, it contains the same generic medicine as Entex LA.
Nu-Nifedipine-PA A calcium channel blocker, used to treat high blood pressure and chest pain.
Ultram ER For pain management, especially those with moderate to severe pain that requires a long treatment period. Can be addictive. The extended-release (ER) version is used when around-the-clock management is required.
Depakote ER This is both an anticonvulsant and a mood-stabilizing drug. It is used for treatment of bipolar disorder, epilepsy, and migraines.
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