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Foods ch 13 prep 4

4th set of prep terms

To rub fat on the surface of a cooking utensil or on a food itself. Grease
To mechanically break down a food into a finer texture. Grind
To cut food .into thin, stick-sized strips. Julienne
To work a dough by pressing it with the heels of the hands, folding it, turning it, and repeating each motion until the dough is smooth and elastic. Knead
To soak meat in a solution containing an acid, such as vinegar or tomato juice, that helps tenderize the connective tissue. Marinate
To break a food by pressing it with the back of a spoon, a masher, or forcing it through a ricer. Mash
To change from a solid to a liquid through the application of heat. Melt
To cut or chop into very fine pieces. Mince
To combine two or more ingredients into one mass. Mix
To remove the stem and outer covering of a vegetable or fruit with a paring knife or peeler. Pare
Created by: mrserwin