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New Empires In the A

CH 3

Conquistadores Spanish soldiers and explorers who led military expeditions in the Americas and captured land for Spain
Hernan Cortes Spanish conquistadores, sent to present day Mexico to find Moctezuma II and take over the Aztec empire and
Malintzin American Indian woman who interpreted and advised the Spaniards about the Aztecs
Francisco Pizzaro Spanish conquistador who went to Peru and conquered the Inca empire
Juan Ponce De Leon Spanish conquistador who explored Florida and looked for the Fountain of Youth, his settlement failed
Hernand de Soto Spanish conquistador who searched for gold Florida, was first European to cross the Mississippi River
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Spanish Conquistador who explored New Mexico searching for cities of gold
Pueblos Spanish towns in Americas
Missions settlements established by priests in Spanish America to convert local Indians to Catholicism
Presidios Spanish military bases located in the Americas
Encomienda System System in Spanish America that gave settlers the night to tax local Indians or to demand their labor in exchange for protecting them and teaching them skills
Plantation Large farms that usually specialize in growing one kind of crop
Borderlands Region of Spanish America where few Europeans lived; included northern Mexico, FL, and parts of AZ, CA, NM, and TX
Pope the Pueblo medicine man who lead the group that drove the Spanish out of New Mexico
Sea Dogs English Sailors encouraged by Queen Elizabeth I to raid Spanish treasure ships in the late 1500s
Inflation Increased prices for goods and services combined with the reduced value or money
Martin Luther former Catholic priest in Germany, protested the policies of the Catholic Church, started the Protestant Reformation in 1517
Protestant Reformation religious movement started by Martin Luther that began as an effort to reform the church, spread through Germany and then to other parts of Europe, followers were called Protestants because they protested the Catholic Church’s practices
King Henry VIII King of England, founded the Church of England, or Anglican church making himself the head of it
Queen Elizabeth I Queen of England, Daughter of Henry VIII, Protestant who wanted peace between Protestants and Catholics
Spanish Armada in response to English attacks King Philip built up a Spanish fleet of 130 ships, and 27,000 sailors and soldiers, and sent them to England to overthrow Queen Elizabeth and the Anglican Church
Charter official document that gives a person the right to establish a colony
Walter Raleigh half brother of Sir Humphrey Gilbert, paid for an expedition to present-day VA and NC and named it all VA, he sent a group to found the colony of Roanoke Island
Created by: RABBARNETT