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Drugs, admin

OTC _____ over-the-counter
prescription _____ drug order
pseudoephedrine _____ nasal decongestant
ibuprofen _____ pain and fever reducer
diazepam tranquilizer
generic name not capitalized
brand name always capitalized
chemical name name for the molecular structure
Valium tranquilizer
metformin diabetes medication
The patient was prescribed (Valium, valium) to treat her anxiety. Valium
After several months on (Metformin, metformin) she required insulin to treat her type 2 diabetes. metformin
The first letter of a brand name drug is (always, never) capitalized. always
The first letter of a generic drug is (always, never) capitalized within a sentence. never
The chemical name of a drug is (rarely, often) used in medical reports. rarely
She was prescribed (diazepam, Diazepam) before the procedure, to assist in relaxation. diazepam
For early treatment of diabetes, (metformin, diazepam) is the preferred drug. metformin
The drug (metformin, diazepam) is an effective tranquilizer. diazepam
_____ are used in the diagnosis and treatment of a disease as well as pain relief. Drugs
Drugs are grouped into different varieties based on what it is they can do within the _____. body
The two main grouping of drugs in the United States are over-the-counter and _____. prescription
_____ is not a controlled substance. Ibuprofen
The atomic or molecular structure of a drug is known as the _____ name. chemical
_____ drugs should be capitalized. Brand name
By _____ rules, generic versions of drugs must have the same active ingredients. FDA
Germany, Canada, and Australia are three countries which have offered _____ drugs for years, with the FDA proposing this class of drugs in the U.S. in October, 2007. BTC
Drugs are generally developed by (private companies, publicly-held companies). publicly-held companies
Another word for brand name is (trade, stock) name. trade
Motrin is the brand name for (acetaminophen, ibuprofen). ibuprofen
Novocain administered by your dentist provides a (local, systemic) effect. local
Valium is an example of a (stimulant, tranquilizer). tranquilizer
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