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A & P exam 2

Skin surface markings that reflect points of tight dermal attachmetn to underlying tissues are called epidermal ridges. False
The dense fibrous connective tissue potion of the skin is located in the reticular region of the dermis. True
The outermost sheath of a hair follicle is the connective tissue root sheath. True
The hyponychium is commonly called the cuticle. False
During the resting phase of hair growth, the matrix is inactive and the follicle atrophies. True
The most dangerous skin cancer is cancer of the melanocytes True
The skin is not able to receive stimuli because the cells of the epidermis are not living and therefore there are no sensory receptors in the skin. False
The hypodermis is composed of adipose and dense connective tissue. False
Regardless of race, all humans have about the same number of melanocytes. True
Ceruminous glands are modified merocrine glands False
When a patient is said to have 3rd degree burns, this indicates that the patient has burns that cover approximately one third of the body. False
Sweat glands continuously produce small amounts of sweat, even in cooler temperatures. True
most correct statement: 1.) Melanomas are rare but must be remove quickly. 2)Basal cell carcinomas are the least common but most malignant. 3) Most tumors that arise on the skin are malignant. 4.) Squamous cell carinomas arise from the stratum Melanomas are rare but must be removed quickly to prevent them from metastasizing.
Acne is a disorder of the Sebaceous glands
The dermis is two layers
Which muscles attached to the hair follicles cause goose bumps? arrector pili
Which of the following is a skin sensory receptor for touch. Meissner's corpuscle
The _______ gland is a modified sudoriferous gland that secretes wax ceruminous
The reason the hypodermis acts as a shock absorber is that ________ the major part of its makeup is adipose, which servs as an effective shock absorber
Melanocytes and keratinocytes work together in protecting the skin from UV damage when keratinocytes accumulate the melanin granules on their superficiaal portion, forming a UV blocking pigment layer
Keratinocytes are an important epidermal cell because they produce fibrous protein that gives the skin much of its protective properties
The dermis is a strong, flexible connective tissue. Which of the following cell types are likely to be found in the dermis fibroblasts, macrophages, and mast cells
The papillary layer of the dermis is connective tissue heavily invested with blood vessels. The superficial surface has structures called dermal papillae
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