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Clinical Final

For interviewing guide conversation
Medical history location, quality, timing, presence
Major component for POMR database, problem list diagnostic, treatment plan,progress notes
Correct order chronologically primary provider notes, ekg, xray, consult, correspondence
Chief concern patient illness
Physician chief concern disease
Spiral bandages arm & leg
Synopoid faintng
When having a seisurze think safety
Snake bite symptoms rapid pulse and vomiting
Percentage of burn body front torso front of the right arm 22.5
In emergency situation what should ma do act quickly
Patient with laceration first priorty of care Minimize risk of infection
Imminitty acquired when given vaccine artificial active
Which immunity artificial acquired ready made antbodies pass
Prodromal Symptoms acute, combilaton, melays,fever
Disease that does not have a vaccine Hcv
What has a vaccine Rubella
What doesnt have a vaccine herpes
Chain of infection infectious, aging resevoir host, portale of exist, mean of transmission, portal of entry, succebteble host
Radial pulse press over the artery
Rattiling sound in lungs is rales
Average diastolic 60/80
Phases of oscillatory gap 123
Position on your stomach prone position
Position laying on your side Lateral position
Multiple births multigravida
6th week after given birth puerperium
When shoud you do a breast exam 1 week after menstrual
Cyrosurgery is freezing
Not a common side effect after having cyrosurgey excessive bleeding
WHat age do you stop measuring head circumfrence 36 months
Range in head circumfrence 12.5-14.5
Procedure involving in speacial tube for ear tympanostomy
Vaccine for kowaski roatar
Guage needle 22-25
Contagious lung disease of bacteria in respiratory pertusis
Psa level cut off 2.5-3
Age of a psa exam 50
Progressive hearing due to aging is prescusbyia
Cause of dementia parkinson disease, syphillis, hungkingson disease
Near vision myopia
Aginging of vision presbyopia
farsighted hyperopia
For nasal irrigation use medicine dropper
Vina puncture for allergy is caled RAST
Bandage for joints figure 8
Autoclave temperature 270
Instruments in autocave distant 1-3 inches
Destroys toe nails sodium hydroxide
Temporal on the forehead
Cortaid Neck
Apical heart
brachial forearm
radial wrist
femoral thigh
popliteal knee
side ankle posterior tibal
dorsalis pedis front of foot
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