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Wars of Religion

The wars of religion in the 15th and 16th century.

What era did the religious wars occur? 16th century to mid-17th century.
What was the counter-reformation? A movement led by the Jesuits to bring down the Protestants.
What was the barogue? An art style commonly used by catholics in the counter reformation. Some famous painters were Peter Paul Rubens and Gianlorenzo Bernini.
"To kill a man is not to defend a doctrine, but to kill a man." Sebastian Castellio talking about the execution of Michael Cervantes.
"Look in yourself for religion, not church." Valentin Weigel
What was a politique and who was the most famous politique during the time? Elizabeth 1 of England.
Precursors to the religious wars Spain trying to stop Protestantism French Catholics vs Huguenots Holy Roman Empire trying to re-Catholicise germany Netherlands wanting freedom Issues between English Puritans and Aglicans.
What were French Calvinists called? Huguenots
What was the Edict of Fontainebleau? put french protestants under the power of the Inquisition.
What was the Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis? The treaty that ended the Habsburg-Valois war. Gave short peace in Europe.
Battle for French Control in 1559 After the death of Henry II, three families fought for control of england. Bourbens vs. Montmorency-Chatillons vs. [Guises <- these guys come up later]
Calvinism in the time Calvin and Theodore Beza tried to spread Calvinism to aristocrats. Jeanne D. Albert and Prince of Conde were among those converted. 40-50% of nobles became calvinist during French civil wars.
St. Bartholomew Day Massacre - Catherine de' Medici ruled kings. - Henry of Guise [told-ya so] tried to kill lead Huguenot - Catherine de' Medici didn't want to get caught [she was in on it] - She told the king the huguenots were planning a coup - Over 20,000 huguenots were kille
John Knox Wrote "First Blast of the Trumpet against the Terrible Regiment of Women" "Father of Presbyterian"
"First Blast of the Trumpet against the Terrible Regiment of Women" Taking down a tyrant is a christian duty
Calvinists wanted a way to resist tyranny after the St. Bartholomew Day Massacre "Franco Gallia" Francois Hotman - Estates General > King "On the Right of Magistrates over Their Subjects" Theodore Beza - it's okay to overthrow tyrants "Defense of Liberty against Tyrants" Philippe du Plessis Mornay - princes should overthrow king
Peace of Beaulieu Gave Huguenots freedom
Day of the Barricades Failed attack on Protestants King Henry III had to flee Killed Duke and Cardinal of Guise[their back] King Henry had to work with Protestant Henry to take down the Catholic League
Henry - of Navarre - IV Psycho friar killed Henry III Spain - feared Protestant France - sent help to Catholic Leage + Philip II wants daughter on throne Henry - well liked - abandoned faith to be a catholic "Paris is worth a Mass"
Edict on Nantes gave huguenots freedom again.
Spainish Power Contributed to - gold from new world - high population - efficient military - efficient bureaucracy - supremacy in mediterranean
Set up to Revolt in Netherlands Cardinal Granvelle's tried to reorganize netherlands "Compromise" - decree to resist Trent and the Inquisition Duke of Alba killed thousands of suspected heretics. Sea Beggars preyed on Spainish Ships Spanish Soldiers ran amok after leader was
England vs Spain England beat spain in a naval war
Thirty Nine Articles Made Protestantism the lead religion in England
Events leading up to English vs Spanish war Elizabeth didn't marry Phillip Sea beggars preyed on spanish ships Killing of Mary, Queen of Scots Excommunication of Elizabeth by Pope
Thirty Years War Bohemia - (1618-1625) Danish - (1625 - 1629) Swedish - (1630 - 1635) Swedish-French - (1635-1648)
Bohemian Period of Thirty Years War Habsburg Ferdinand took away Protestant rights PRotestant Nobles through messengers out window into poop Began as nobility revolt BAttle of White Mountain - Tilly beat Fred V
Danish Period of Thirty Years War Christian iv wanted to extend borders Christian IV got humiliated by Max. Ferdinand hired Wallenstein Beat out resistance enough to issue the "EDICT OF RESTITUTION"
Swedish Period of Thirty Years War Gusstavus Adolphus II of Sweden became new Protestant Leader Won Battle Of Breitenfeld - turned war around Gustavus owned with the fire-and-charge method Peace of Prague - Ferdinand compromised with german states
Swedish-French Period of Thirty Years War Worst part of war Lot of looting 1/3 of germans died during era ended with Treaty of Westphalia
Treaty of Westphalia ended EDICT OF RESTITUTION Empowered the Peace of Augsburg Calvinists finally got freedom
Created by: Acidicsam