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What is defined as the exchange of information by sending and receiving messages, which results in understanding between the sender and the receiver? communication
What are the five elements of communication? sender, message, channel of transmission, receiver, and response.
What is defined as a specialized or technical language of a trade, a profession, or a group of people? jargon
What is the defined as a nonstandard vocabulary used and understood by a small group of people? slang
What are words called that sound alike yet may have a different meaning to the receiver than was intended by the sender? homonyms
What is defined as an intentional effort to hear a message and understand its meaning? active listening
What is defined as weakness or paralysis of muscle of the lips, tongue, and throat due to brain damage from a stroke or accident? dysarthria
What is a language disorder, due to brain damage, in which the client has difficulty saying what he/she is thinking and wants to say? expressive aphasia
What is a language disorder, due to brain damage, in which the client cannot understand what is being said to him/her either through written or spoken word and gestures? receptive aphasia
What is defined as a passive awareness of sound? hearing
How should you answer the phone at work? identify the department, identify yourself by first and last name, state your title.
Listening, speaking, writing, collaboration, problem solving, and decision-making are essential to what? effective communication
As a new employee you may be assigned to learn from a wise and trusted counselor, teacher, tutor, coach or advisor. What is this person called? mentor
Active listening focuses on what ability? concentration
What is defined as an appraisal of the whole person to establish a baseline and determine the client's potential and his need for help? assessment
What is the desired end results, or what one hopes to accomplish, either short or long term, called? goals
What is defined as practice of noting and recording facts and events by the health care worker utilizing his or her senses? observation
How should you sign your name on the medical record? The first initial, last name and title
What is the correct way to write the international time for 12 midnight? 2400
What is the correct way to write the international time for 12:30 AM? 0030
What is the correct way to write the international time for 7:00 PM 1900
Legal documentation of observations, directions given for care, and recordings of actual care given to the patient are contained in the patient's: medical record
What is the name of the part of a computer that is used to type information onto the display screen? keyboard
What are the lists of information or files that can be opened, created, or edited on a computer disk referred to as? menus
What are the pictures on the display screen that represent different functions referred to as? icons
What is a card file with a summary of information found in the client's chart called? kardex
Messages sent without the use of language or words at all? nonverbal communication
Messages sent using spoken words is called? verbal communication
A frown on a clients face is what type of communication? nonverbal
When answering the phone at a place of business, you should answer the phone by which ring? second
What information should you note when taking a telephone message? name of caller, phone number, date, time, and message
When screening phone calls for your boss, what would be a good question to ask for after to know who is calling? May I ask what this is regarding?
Changing the subject, frequent interruptions, or seeming to be too busy affects communication by: creating barriers
What term denotes the pitch of the voice? inflection
The ability to identify with and understand another person's feelings, situation and motives is called: empathy
Having the ability to say or do the kindest or most fitting thing in a difficult situation is: tact
What communication career tests for speech, language and voice disorders and provides a treatment program to restore or develop the patient's speech communication skills? speech therapist
Receiving information necessary to give informed consent prior to the start of any procedure or treatment is guaranteed under what policy? patient's rights
The sender of information must deliver a message in a clear and concise manner for good communication. Name two skills that are essential for this to take place: pronunciation and grammar
Name 3 types of disabled individuals who might experience
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