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Hackers Toefl Vocabulary

apt : adj. inclined, prone, disposed ↔ disinclined ~하는 경향이 있는 Pessimists are apt to lack vigor and enthusiasm.
apt : adj. appropriate, proper, suitable ↔ inept 적당한 Hotels are apt places to give a dinner party.
astonish : v. surprise, astound, shock. startle 놀라게 하다 The strange episode astonished the civilized world.
chronic : adj. habitual, confirmed, inveterate ↔ acute 만성적인 Janet suffers a chronic stomachache every morning.
daub : v. coat, cover, plaster, slather 흠뻑 칠하다 Jeffrey decorated his room by daubing red paint in patches all over his walls.
domain : n. region, area, territory. realm 영토 Sinchi Roca, the second emperor, made no military campaigns to add lands to the Inca domin
domain : n. area, field, sphere 분야 Learning about the Holocaust should not be the executive domain of history teachers.
enthusiastic : adj. eager, ardent, zealous. passionate ↔ apathetic 열성적인 There was an enthusiastic response from all sections of the nation.
extend : v. go, run, range. outspread. stretch (어떤 거리까지) 걸쳐있다 The desert extends far and wide.
extend : v. expand, enlarge, lengthen, increase ↔ shorten 늘리다 The explorers tried to extend the border line of the early settlement.
feat : n. achievement, accomplishment, exploit 업적 The feat established his reputation throughout the United States.
fulfill : v. accomplish, achieve, execute 성취하다 Everyone has to fulfill their wildest dreams.
fulfill : v. satify, appease 만족시키다 The contract clauses fulfilled our requirements.
heavy : adj. ponderous, weighty, burdensome ↔ light 무거운 The roof of the cabin collapsed under the heavy weight of snow.
immerse : v. submerge, dip, submerse 담그다 Jennifer immersed the film in developer.
incompatible : adj. inconsistent, incongruous, inharmonious ↔ compatible 모순되는 Yoga is incompatible with Catholicism because the best known practice of Hindu spirituality is Yoga.
intrigue : v. attract, interest ↔ bore (주의,관심을) 끌다 Young Albert was intrigued by certain mysteries of science.
intrigue : v. plot, conspire 음모를 꾸미다 We didn't believe Jim intrigued with the enemy against the government.
luxuriant : adj. abundant, exuberant, opulent ↔ withered 무성한,풍부한 Tracts of luxuriant plant life and teeming insects populate the Amazon river basin.
magnitude : n. extent, degree, measure 등급 An earthquake of magnitude 6 is ten times as strong as an earthquake of magnitude 5.
magnitude : n. volume, size, amplitude 크기 The architect was cautious to gauge the magnitude of the building.
maintain : v. affirm, contend, claim 주장하다 Some participants maintained that their present situations were worse than before.
maintain : v. sustain, preserve, keep 지속하다 Rowling has maintained a private life despite the attention and adulation roaring about her.
outbreak : n. epidemic (전염병 등의) 만연, 창궐 The outbreak of the measles came to be a serious problem.
outbreak : n. eruption, explosion, burst 폭발 The outbreak of violence was a sure sign of what was to come.
proclaim : v. announce, declare, promulgate 공표하다 The mayor proclaimed that his administration would be controlled properly.
quiver : v. shiver, tremble, quake 떨다 Catherine's flushed face was quivering with rage.
reckon : v. count, compute, calculate 계산하다 The house cost Dan more than what he reckoned.
reckon : v. consider, regard, deem 생각하다 Elizabeth came to reckon on staying the rest of her life in the country.
release : v. free, liberate, loose ↔ detain 해방시키다 Johnson will be released from prison tomorrow.
release : v. emit, give off, discharge. vent 뿜다, 방출하다 Burning could release poisonous gases into the air.
release : v. loose, untie, unfasten (묶인 것을) 풀다 After John hugged his daughter heartily, he released her.
relief : n. aid, assistance, support 구제 The New Deal extended federal relief on a vast scale.
relief : n. alleviation, ease ↔ anguish 완화 The drug provides temporary relief from suffering.
reproduce : v. copy, duplicate, imitate 복제하다 Pravda delightedly reproduced a photo of the Vanguard.
reproduce : v. breed, multiply, spawn ↔ perish 번식하다 All living organisms need to reproduce to keep their species alive.
speculative : adj. theoretical, abstract 이론적인 An exact date for the appearance of Homo sapiens remains speculative.
speculative : adj. thoughtful, reflective, meditative 심사숙고하는 We must find the solution of the problem in a speculative way.
stimulate : v. prompt, activate, inspire. incite. stir ↔ discourage 자극하다 The New Deal included federal action to stimulate industrial recovery.
subordinate : adj. inferior, subject, dependent. secondary ↔ dominant 종속적인 Law should be subordinate to morality.
torrential : adj. wild, violent 격렬한 The village was flooded after eight hours of torrential rains.
Created by: flightto
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