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ap euro(juniors)

any terms that could be memorized

Vasco da Gama Portuguese navigator who was the 1st commander of the first ships to sail directly from europe to India.
St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic missionary that taught the teachings of christianity in India and Japan. Also, the co-founder of the Jesuits(Society of Jesus).
Conquistadores Spanish explorers and soldiers that brought most of America under the control of Spain.
Pizzaro Spanish conquistador that conquered the Incan Empire and was the founder of Lima, capital of Peru.
Cartier French explorer who was the 1st european to map the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and claimed what is now Canada to France.
Manila Galleons Spanish trading ships that sailed a couple times a year between Manila and the Phillipines.
Price Revolution the relatively high rate of inflation from the 15th to 17th century in Western Europe.
Fuggers A family of European bankers that replaced the Medici family and took over their assets as well as political power and influence.
Created by: im_thatliz