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Influential people

Intro to Med. Assisting - Chapter 2 Quiz

Moses 1st advocate of preventive medicine
Hippocrates Father of Medicine - Hippocratic Oath named after him
Galen Father of experimental physiology - 1st neurologists
Name the 3 main men of ancient times Moses, Hippocrates, & Galen
Andreas Vesalius Father of Modern Anatomy
Anton Van Leauwenhoek discovered magnification
John Hunter Founder of scientific surgery - 1st to classify teeth - provided prescribtion of the symphilitic chancre
Edward Jenner developed small pox vaccine.
Rene Laennec developed the stethoscope
Louis Pasteur Father of Bacteriology & Preventative Medicine - developed pasteurization
Joseph Lister revolutionized surgery - started sterile surgery - "Listerine"
Robert Koch introduced culture plate method
Crawford Williamson Long 1st to use ether as an anesthetic
Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the x-ray
Florence Nightingale Founder of nursing
Clara Barton started American Red Cross
Elizabeth Blackwell 1st female doctor in the U.S.
Name 3 19th Century Women F. Nightingale, C. Barton, E. Blackwell
Name the 2 Early Medical Pioneers Andreas Vesalius & Anton Van Leauwenhoek
Fredrick Banting isolated insulin to treat diabetes
Sir Alexander Flemming discovered penicillin
Dr. David Ho helps in AIDS research
Dr. Eve Slater Assistant Secretary for Health for US Dept of Health & Human Services
Dr. C. Everett Koop US Surgeon General
Dr. Marcia Angell former cheif of New England Journal of Medicine
Dr. Anthony Fauci Director of National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases
Dr. Novello 1st woman & hispanic to be US Surgeon General
Created by: jadens_momma