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SteccOUPharm 1

Confusing Words

-centesissurgical procedure
cephalo head
chondro cartilage
dacryo tear
dia- through
-ectasis expansion
-emesis vomiting
epi- above
eu- good
-gram record
-gravida pregnant woman
hemangio blood vessel
hemato blood
hemi- half
in- not
kerato cornea
megalo enlargement
metro uterus
myco fungus
myelo spinal cord
myo muscle
myringo tympanic membrane
onycho nail
opthalmo eye
-opia vision
orchido testis
ortho straight
-osis abnormal
-ous pertaining to
-penia decrease
-phagia swallow, eat
phlebo vein
-plasia formation, growth
-plasm formation, growth
-plegia paralysis
pleuro pleura
-ptosis prolapse
pyelo renal pelvis
pyo pus
radio x-rays, radiation
retino retina
roentgeno x-rays
-rrhage bursting forth
-rrhaphy suture
-rrhea flow, discharge
sacro sacrum
sclera/o sclera
spondylo vertebra
-statsis at a stand still
-stenosis stricture, narrowing
stomato mouth
-stomy forming a new opening or mouth
-therapy treatment
thoraco chest
thrombo blood clot
-tome instrument to cut
-tomy incision
tricho hair
-tripsy crushing
tympano tympanic membrane
vesico bladder
Created by: steccou