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Latin Medical Terms

List of some Latin roots you can normally find in medical terms

Latin TermEnglish Meaning
Auto- Self
Brachy- Short
Brady- Slow
Brevis Short
Cavus Hollow
Coel Hollow
Cryo Cold
Crypto Hidden, concealed
Dextro Right
Diplo Double, twice
Dys Difficult, bad, disordered
Eu Well, good
Glyco- Sugar, sweet
Haplo Single, simple
Heter Other
Homo Same
Hydro Water
Iso Equal
Lepto Slender
Levo Left
Macro Large
Magna Great, large
Malaco Soft
Malus Bad
Medius Middle
Megalo Huge
Meso Middle, Mid
Mio Less
Necro Dead
Neo New
Oligo Few, little
Ortho Straight, normal, correct
Oxy Sharp, quick
Pachy Thick
Paleo Old
Platy Flat
Poikilo Varied
Pronus Face down
Psuedo False
Sclero Hard
Scolio Twisted, crooked
Sinistro Left
Steno Narrow
Stereo Solid, three dimensions
Supinus Face up
Tachy Fast, swift
Xero Dry
Created by: BrandonDL