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Latin Body Terms

Latin prefixes/suffixes used to describe the body (Gastro-, Angio-, etc.)

Latin TermEnglish Meaning
Adeno- Gland
Angio- Vessel
Arthro- Joint
Broncho- Windpipe
Capit- Head
Cardi- Heart
Cephalo- Head
Chole- Bile
Chondro- Cartilage
Cilia- Hair
Coxa- Hip
Dacryo- Tear
Dento-, donto- Tooth
Derma- Skin
Emia Blood
Encephalo Brain
Entero Intestines
Fascia- Band of fibrous tissue
Gastro- Stomach
Genu- Knee
Gingivo- Gums
Glosso- Tongue
Gnatho- Jaw
Hem, Hema, Hemo, Hemato Blood
Hepato Liver
Hystero- Uterus
Kerato- Cornea
Labio Lips
Lacrimo Tears
Laparo Loin or flank
Laryngo- Larynx
Linguo- Tongue
Masto- Breast
Metra, metro Uterus
Morpho Form
Myelo- Bone marrow, or spinal cord
Myo- Muscle
Nephro- Kidney
Odonto- Teeth
Ophthalmo- Eye
Orchid, orchido Testis
Os- Bone, or mouth
Osteo- Bone
Palpebro Eyelid
Pectus Breast, chest, or thorax
Phlebo- Vein
Pilo Hair
Pnuemo, pneumono Lungs
Procto Rectum
Rhino Nose
Uro- Urine, Urinary
Vaso Vessel
Veno Vein
Created by: BrandonDL