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Anatomy 6: Histology

Types of Tissues and facts about tissues

Tissue: Collection of cells
Biopsy and its purpose: Tissue sample, purpose is to look for an insult to tissue
Cellular Adaptation: Increase or decrease in cell numbers
Hyperplasia: Increase in NUMBER of cells
Does hyperplasia imply a tumor? It may, but not in all cases
Hypertrophy: Cell adaptation that leads to an INCREASE IN SIZE
Dysplasia: Change in shape of cell
Metaplasia: Cell adaptation to chronic insult
Ex of metaplasia: And what's the BODY's adaptation to it? Smokers losing cilia on resp. tract, so they cough to clear resp throat
Where is the epithilum always located? Above connective tissue
Atrophy: REDUCTION in NUMBER of cells
What is the basement membrane? Made of connective tissue and basal surface
Basal Surface: Bottom part of epithilium, holds basement membrane
how is simple epithilium used? Allows for diffisuion, not as many cells packed together
Stratified epithilium: Contains a barrier to protect itself against foreign stuff
What is a primary example of stratified epithilium? Skin
Intercellular matrix: space b/w cells in epithlium
What is the relationship between the Intercell matrix and the number of cells? As cells increase, ICM decreases
What is the apicol surface? Cilia and microvili, front surface
Cell Junction: How epithilium connect by sharing of plasma membrane
Example of Pseudo stratified: Esophogous lined by these tissue types
What allows aions to connect? Gap junctions
How does one ID epithilium? Single or multiple layer, cell shape
What are the possible cell shapes? Squamous, cuboid, colomner (like column)
Transitional epithilium: In urinary organs, so when bladder is full, it looks like squomous cells, but when it is emplty, apocal, inflated cells
Apical: Faces outside or tube
Glanduler epithilium: Will manufacture something; DO NOT COVER
Example of glandular epithilium: Hormone
How does this something get out of the cell? Two ways, exocrine or endocrine
Exocrine: duct out
Endocrine: Out through blood
Connective tissue: Cells suspended in a matrix
Matrix: made of ground substance and fibers
What are teh three types of fibers? Riticular, elastic, cologen
Cologen: Protein fiber
Reticular: net-like
What are the five types of connective tissue? Loose, dense, cartilidge, bone, blood
Loose: Random fiber arrangment
Fiberblast: produces ground substance and fiber cells
How is swelling caused? Fluid increase
redness caused? blood increase
What is another word for loose tissue? aeroortal
What are the two types of dense tissue? Regular dense, irregular dense
Example of irregular dense: connective tissue on which skin lies
Cartilidge: Chondrocytes, suspend in a gell like matrix
Bone: Osteocyted: Syspend in a rigid, hard matrix like fibers and mineral salts
Blood: Red and white blood cells: suspend in plasma
Created by: talkglitter2486