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Clinical Chap 17

Inability to control urine Incontinence
Normal aging process for eyes Presbyopia
Normal aging process for ear Presbycusis
Decade that hearing loss begin at 3rd
common cause of diminished mental capacity Hypothermia
First leading cause in death Heart disease
Major aging in G.I systems is Peristalis
Urinary Incontinence Inability to control urine
Hormone in elderly females ceases production Estrogen
Malnutrition in aing population can be prevented by Preparing tasty foods
What happens if you do not report eder abuse You get a fine
Effective method to slow osteoporosis Vitamin D and calcium
Most appropriate when meeting vissualy impaired patient Dont touch until presence is known
To guide visually impaired patient Guide arms back to move them thru a narrow passage
Pyschological Sing & symptoms Increase deppression, Anxiety, Withdrawn, Timid, Hostile, Unresponsive, Confused, Vague health complaints, Anxious to please
Physical Signs & symptoms Lack of personal care, Lack of supervision, Bruises, Welts, Lack of food, Beatings, Neglect, Unsatidfactory living condtions
Declining in testosterone in male Andropause
Cause of dementia Parkinson, Syhphillis, and hodgkinsons disease
Poor hygiene, Insomnia, and inability to concentrate is caused by Deppression
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