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Sensory Organs test

The act of the skin drying up is known as desi_ _ation. __ desiccation
Another name for the epon_chi_m of the nail is the cuticle. ___ eponychium
A chronic skin disease which can lead to joint involvement is p_ori_tic arthritis. ___ psoriatic
The ar_ _ctor pili is a smooth muscle which moves hairs. ___ arrector
Ec_hym_sis is another name for a bruise. __ Ecchymosis
Muscles of the eye are o_ _ _ar. ___ ocular
Another name for farsightedness is hyp_ _me_rop_a. __ hypermetropia
The inner ear is also referred to as the lab_ri_th. ___ labyrinth
A nodular growth of the squamous epithelium is a choles_eat_ _a. cholesteatoma
Commonly seen in Graves disease is exop_tha_ _os, or bulging eyes. ___ exophthalmos
Strabismus is an eye deviation which a patient can't control.
Gustation is the sense of taste.
The tiny bones of the ear are the hammer, anvil, and stirrup.
stapes _____ ear
sclera _____ eye
nares _____ nose
cerumen _____ ear
vitreous body _____ eye
Ringworm. tinea
Ringworm of the nails. onychomycosis
Parasitic dermatitis. scabies
A bluish-red skin neoplasm, especially of the feet. Kaposi sarcoma
A fatty mass of the skin. steatoma
A disease of the middle third of the face. rosacea
Malignant with itchy and erythematous patches. mycosis fungoides
A hypertrophic scar. keloid
Patchy, intercellular edema of the epidermis. spongiosis
Condition characterized by white patches. vitiligo
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