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Association cortex.

Association cortex..

Depression of Frontal function__ is found with fMRI and PET in schizophrenic patients
Left frontal Strokes leads to ____ Higher frequency of depression than in those with posterior strokes
anosognosia patients do not recognize the contralateral (usually left) limb as part of their own body. Parietal association cortex damage
What type of syndrome is alexia without agraphia callosal syndrome (there is no interhemispheric communication -->language and spatial )
alpha wave 8-12 . Found on the back of the head while awake
Epileptiform discharge EEG firing that follow tonic seizure which is very specific for epilepsy. It is not caused action potentials rather by caused by paroxysmal depolarizing shift (large change)
Absence seizure Also known as petit mal seizures, are short in duration. EEG seems very abnormal, but typically only cognitive impairments are observed. After it is over there are no epileptiform findings on EEG.
Hippocampal Sclerosis Profound loss of CA 1 &3 pyramidal cells, and loss of dentate hilus. Removing it with surgery will cure epilepsy (it is non-functional; only causing problems)
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