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Mod A Unit 3 Lecture

Exam Review Chap 9-11

The nornverbal form of communication would include: Turning toward or away from the speaker , frowning, holding one's arms across one's chest (all of the above)
After a patient is placed on hold, it is proper to check back every 30 seconds
Which of the following conditions explained over the telephone would NOT be considered an emergency? chronic back pain
Always try to answer a ringing telephone by the: second ring
Adopting the feelings of someone else is the defensive behavior of: introjection
Records that are no longer needed, such as when a patient dies are: closed
The contents of a standard medical record include chief complaint,relevant past history,diagnosis
In a numeric filing system the number assigned generally has 6 digits
Dr. Richard Gore is filed as: Gore, Richard (Dr.)
A report containing information about the tissue removed during a surgical procedure is called: pathology report
The newest transcription technology which allows the physician to speak into a microphone connected to a computer program that then translates the dictation is called VRT
First Class letters must not exceed: 11 ounces
When using a title in the inside address of a letter, which of the following would be correct: Beth Williams, MD
Which of the following must be capitalized: first letter in the closing of a letter,first letter of the first word of each item in a list or outline,expressions used in place of a sentence(all of the above)
The words you, us, and them are examples of what parts of speech: pronoun
Which of the following is considered a proper closing? Yours truly
Words that sound alike, but have different meanings and spellings, are: homophones
When the subject of the sentence performs the action, it can be described as: active voice
What type of mail is used to send valuables, such as currency and jewelry? registered mail
A person’s cultural and religious belief has nothing to do with how they interpret information False
A person who refuses to see the physician because they fear something is seriously wrong is experiencing repression. False
“Please hold” would be considered a proper initial greeting when answering the phone. False
If you were speaking to a patient on the phone and another line rings, the best way to handle it would be to have another medical assistant answer the other line. False
The ability to imagine how another person is feeling is called sympathy False
Placing your own feelings on another person is an example of projection True
Created by: AlongCameAlicia