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Euro I

Exam I

Reasons for the fall of Rome Political failure - no rule of succession Economic crisis - no technology, mistreatment of slaves Disease and war - reduced population Regional differences
First agricultural revolution Animal domestication Innovations (plow, harness) Increased population Allowed society to venture beyond sustenance
Diocletian Made Emperor esteemed again Established rule of succession Split empire - 2 augusti replaced by 2 caesars (tetrarchy "rule of 4")
Constantine Convert to Christianity Made succession hereditary again (after Diocletian) Made army service, farming etc hereditary
Christianity in Rome Constantine saw cross in sky so he had his men paint in on their shields. They won the battle so he became a Christian, but did not make it the official religion, that was Theodosius
Christianity Appealing because of communal aspect Appealed to women Appealed to all, but especially ones with unstable incomes Offered salvation to all
Monasticism Saw Church as far cry from Jesus's teachings Saint Basil prohibited masochism Saint Benedict made set of "rules"
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