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arteries- torso

The major systemic artery. aorta
One of three vessels which comes off the aortic arch. innominate
The arteries which supply the heart. coronary
That part of the aorta which descends into the chest cavity. thoracic aorta
The first branch of the aortic arch. brachiocephalic artery
The opposite of deep; found close or closer to the surface of the body. superficial
A branch of the thyrocervical trunk. Cruveilhier
Means pertaining to the lung. pulmonary
Artery supplying the area below the scapula. subscapular
Supplies blood to the diaphram. phrenic
esophageal Enters the esophagus as it passes through the mediastinum.
There are several cervical arteries: ascending cervical artery, deep cervical artery, descending cervical artery, superficial cervical artery, transverse cervical artery.
There is an inferior thyroid as well as an inferior thyroid artery of______, a ______ thyroid artery, and a _______thyroid artery. Cruveilhier,lowest,superior
many arteries branch out from the thyrocervical trunk.
Cruveilhier An inferior thyroid artery.
There is a _____ scapular artery, _____ scapular artery, scapular_____artery, and ________ scapular artery. descending, dorsal,circumflex, and transverse
In addition to strictly scapular arteries, there are also the ______ and _______ _______.These surround and/or supply the _____. suprascapular and subscapular arteries. scapula.
thoracic Include the highest thoracic arteries, internal thoracic arteries, and lateral thoracic arteries.
additional thoracic: thoracoacromial artery and thoracodorsal artery.
There are both right and left ______ _______,which supply the right and left lungs. pulmonary arteries
coronary These supply the right atrium and ventricle and the left atrium and ventricle.
Coronary is usually used in connection with the arteries, nerves, and other structures surrounding the heart.
intercostal Supply the muscle between the ribs and structures of the chest wall.
phrenic Supply blood to the diaphragm.
aorta The major systemic artery; this is the artery from which all others arise.
ascending aorta Ascends from the left ventricle in the heart. The only branches off the ascending aorta are the right and left coronary arteries, which serve the myocardium (middle or muscle layer) of the heart.
aortic arch After ascending and supplying the heart, the aorta arches posteriorly and to the left. This is known as the aortic arch.
innominate artery Another name for the brachiocephalic artery.
brachiocephalic artery The first branch of the aortic arch and one of the three vessels branching off the aortic arch.
left common carotid artery Branches from the aorta and extends up the left side of the neck. Another one of the three vessels which branch off the aortic arch.
left subclavian artery Extends from the aortic arch to the left side of the body. One of the three vessels which branch off the aortic arch.
thoracic aorta A continuation of the aortic arch as it descends through the thoracic (chest) cavity to the diaphragm.
Thoracic is a very large vessel and divides into major branches to the organs and muscles of the chest. Numerous branches supplying oxygen to the chest branch off the thoracic aorta.
coronary Arteries that supply the heart.
bronchial Provide circulation to the lungs.
musculophrenic Arises from the internal thoracic artery and branches to lower part of pericardium.
pericardiophrenic A long and slender branch of the internal thoracic artery. Relating to the pericardium and the diaphragm.
abdominal aorta a very large vessel. It is specifically the segment of the aorta located between the diaphragm and the fourth lumbar vertebra.
celiac This is the first branch of the abdominal aorta. It is a short, thick trunk which arises anteriorly just below the diaphragm. It immediately splits into three arterial branches (left gastric, hepatic, and splenic).
splenic Goes into the spleen.
left gastric Arises from the celiac artery and goes into the stomach.
superior epigastric Arises from the internal thoracic artery, joins the inferior epigastric artery at the umbilicus, and supplies the anterior part of the abdominal wall and some of the diaphragm.
gastroduodenal Small artery in the abdomen that supplies the stomach and duodenum.
gastroepiploic Name of two different arteries (left and right gastro-omental) which supply the stomach and greater omentum.
gastro-omental The left and right gastro-omental arteries branch from the splenic and gastroduodenal arteries, respectively, and supply the stomach and omentum.
Artery supplying the spleen. splenic
Means principal or primary. princeps
An artery of the stomach. gastroepiploic
An artery which is just a short, thick trunk. celiac
An artery of the pericardium and diaphragm. pericardiophrenic
hepatic Goes into the liver. There is both a common hepatic artery and a proper hepatic artery.
mesenteric Both the superior and inferior mesenteric arteries arise from the abdominal aorta. They supply blood to the small intestine, cecum, appendix, ascending colon, transverse colon, large intestine, and rectum.
renal Conduct blood to the kidneys.
suprarenal Located just above the renal arteries and supply blood to the adrenal glands. There is an aortic suprarenal artery, inferior suprarenal artery, middle suprarenal artery, and superior suprarenal artery.
cystic Distributes blood to the gallbladder (think cholecystectomy).
pancreatic There are dorsal pancreatic, great pancreatic, and inferior pancreatic arteries.
pancreaticoduodenal There are pancreaticoduodenal arteries, including a posterior superior pancreaticoduodenal, an anterior superior pancreaticoduodenal, and an inferior pancreaticoduodenal.
colic There is a left colic artery, middle colic artery, right colic artery, right inferior colic artery, and superior accessory colic artery. These supply various sections of the colon, i.e. the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon.
sigmoid Supply the sigmoid colon.
appendicular Supplies the appendix.
Means curved like a bow. circumflex
Conducts blood to the kidneys. renal artery
Supplies the lower portion of the colon. sigmoid
Arteries which supply blood to many abdominal structures. mesenteric
ileal Supply the ileum
ileocolic There are also ileocolic arteries which supply various abdominal structures, arising from the lowest branch of the superior mesenteric artery.
jejunal Supplies blood to the jejunum.
spermatic Found only in males, these are a pair of small vessels which are just below the renal arteries and supply the gonads.
ovarian Found only in females
vesical These supply the bladder and ureters.
common iliac supplies the pelvis, abdominal wall, and lower legs.
iliolumbar branches off the internal iliac artery.
middle sacral Arises from the very bottom of the abdominal aorta and supplies blood to the sacrum and coccyx.
pudendal arteries supply blood to the genitals, perineum, anus, and upper medial thigh.
Found only in females. ovarian
Supplies pelvis, abdominal wall, and lower legs. common iliac
Supplies blood to the sacrum and coccyx. middle sacral
Supply blood to the genitals, perineum, anus, and upper medial thigh. pudendal
A pair of small vessels which are just below the renal arteries and supply the gonads. spermatic
Pulmonary means pertaining to the lung.
Intercostal means between the ribs.
There is a great____artery as well as superior and inferior _______ arteries. In addition, there is a ________ artery and a ___________artery. phrenic, phrenic, musculophrenic, pericardiophrenic
iliac arteries, which are in a different part of the pelvis and supply the ilium (the hip bone).
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