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Week 2 Lecture Exam

Review chap 4,5,6,7,8

The Snellen chart should be how many feet from the patient's eye? 20 feet
Strabismus is also called what? Squint
Which of the following is used to test color vision acuity? Ishihara
The malleus, incus,and stapes are tiny bones also known as ossicles are located in the middle ear
Nearsightedness is also known as what myopia
The colored membrane attached to the ciliary body is Iris
The measurement of the intraocular pressure of the eye is Tonometry
The medical term for earwax is cerumen
A ringing sound in the ear is called tinnitus
An opacity of the crystalline lens is known as cataract
The patient history includes Personal history, the chief complaint, and past and present history
Which of the following positions is used in examination and treatment of the rectal area? Sims
Which of the following positions is used for vaginal or rectal examination? Lithotomy
Which of the following positions has the patient lie on his/her back with knees bent and feet flat on the table? Dorsal recumbent
The patient's chest and extremities are measured and recorded during what part of the physical examination? Mensuration
Which of the following refers to using the fingertips to tap the body lightly but sharply so as to gain information about the position and size of the underlying body parts Percussion
What is the method used to hear sounds that are found within the body? Auscultation
What is the abbreviation for the right ear? AD
Before performing ear irrigation, the MA should wash away any gross matter so that it does not enter the ear during the procedure true
When administering the Ishihara Color Vision Test, the card should be held 60 inches from the patient's eye False
The second layer of the ye is the retina which contains blood vessels False
The dog has 72 more olfactory receptor surface than that of a person True
The general sense are temperature, pain, touch, pressure, vibration, and body position False
THe special senses are smell, taste, seeing, balance, and hearing True
If you completely dry the surface of the tongue, then place salt and sugar on it, they cannot be tasted True
Created by: AlongCameAlicia