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A&P Lab 1

hematopoiesis blood synthesis
axillary armpit
brachial arm
antecubital interior elbow
carpal wrist
inguinal groin
public genital
femoral thigh
tarsal ankle
gluteal butt
popliteal back of knee
acromial point of shoulder
antebrachial forearm
buccal cheek
cephalic head
coxal hip
crural shin
digital fingers or toes
fibular side of leg
frontal forehead
hallux great toe
mammary breast
manus hand
mental chin
palmar palm of hand
patellar kneecap
pedal foot
pollex thumb
sternal breastbone
thoracic chest
umbilical navel
calcaneal heel
manus hand
occipital back of head
olecranal posterior of elbow
otic ear
perineal between anus & genitalia
plantar sole
sacral between hips (posterior)
scapular shoulder blades
sural front of leg
vertebral spinal column
superior above
inferior below
anterior front
posterior back
medial toward midline
lateral side
dorsal back side
ventral belly side
proximal nearer to attached end
distal farther from point of attachment
superficial external
deep internal
sagittal plane divides into left & right
midsagittal plane devides body into = left & right
frontal (coronal) plane divdes into anterior & posterior
transverse plane divides body into superior and inferior
umbilical region centermost
epigastric region above stomach
hypogastric region below umbilical region
iliac region lateral to hypogastric
hypochondriac region lateral to epigastric
lumbar region lateral to umbilical region
parietal serosa lines body cavity
visceral serosa lines organ
parietal pericardrium lines cavity near heart
visceral pericardium lining of heart organ
perietal pleura lines cavity of lungs
visceral pleura lines lungs
parietal peritoneum lines cavity of abdominal regions
visceral peritoneum lining of abdominal organs
epithelium protection, absorption, filtration, exretion, secretion, sensory receptors
simple squamus ET fx allows passage by diffusion and filtration, secretes lubricating substance in serosae
simple squamous ET loc kidney glomeruli, air sacs, lining of heart, blood vessels & lymph vessels, lining of ventral cavity
simple cuboidal ET fx secretion & absorption
simple cuboidal ET loc kidney tubules, ducts & secretory portions of small glands, ovary surface
simple columnar ET fx absorption, secretion of mucus, enzymes & other substances; ciliated propel mucus
simple columnar ET loc digestive tract, gallbladder, small brochi, uterine tubes
pseudostratified comnar ET fx secretion of mucus, ciliated propulsion of mucus
pseudostratified columnar ET loc sperm carrying ducts, ducts large glands, ciliated in trachea, upper respiratory tract
stratified squamous ET fx protects underlying tissue in areas subject to abrasian
stratified squamous ET loc oral cavities, vagina
transitional ET fx stretches & prevents distension
transitional ET loc ureters, bladder, urethra
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