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AP Euro- Ch. 3 Vocab

Vasco de Gama Portuguese explorer, first to sail from Europe to India
St. Francis Xavier Spanish missionary who co-founded the Jesuits; considered to have converted the most people since St. Paul.
Conquistadors Spanish soldiers who conquered parts of America and Pacific Asia to bring them under Spanish rule.
Pizzaro Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incas and founded Lima
Cartier the first who described and mapped the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the shores of the Saint Lawrence River which he named Canada
Manila Galleons Spanish trading ships that sailed once or twice per year across the Pacific Ocean between Manila in the Philippines and Acapulco, Mexico.
Price Revolution the high rate of inflation that characterized the period across Western Europe; caused by the large influx of gold and silver from the New World.
Fuggers family of bankers in Europe; members of the mercantile patriciate of Augsburg, international mercantile bankers, and venture capitalists.
Putting Out System work was contracted by a central agent to subcontractors who usually completed the work in their own home.
Cottage Industry An industry where the creation of products and services is home-based, rather than factory-based; the disadvantage was that the products were different
Usury was the excessive charging of interest on loans
Mercantilism the wealth of a country is based on the amount of precious metals it has; making the country need to increase foreign trade
Guild a group of workers who shared the same interests come together for mutual aid and protection and to maintain craft standards.
East India Company a company that conducted trade with Britain and the East Indies
Tariff a tax on important and/or exported goods.
Bourgeoisie the upper class
Hidalgos a title for a noble
Esquires men from the lower class
Junkers German nobility
Robot Leonardo Da Vinci made one of the first designs for a robot.
Cervantes Spanish writer who wrote plays, novels, and poems, including his novel Don Quixote.
Elizabeth I a Protestant Queen and a politique.
Duke of Alva /Alba a Spanish general and governor who was known for being cruel.
Battle of Lepanto the battle where the Holy League defeated the main fleet of the Ottomans
Stadtholder the substitutes for the feudal lords when they were absent
William of Orange won the English, Scottish, and Irish crowns; also a Protestant
Antwerp the center of the entire international economy
Magellan Portuguese explorer who led the first expedition around the world
Peace of Westphalia Treaty that ended the Thirty Years War
Moriscos a Spanish Moor
Henry IV Holy Roman Emperor and German King; excommunicated twice; dethroned by his sons
Council of Trent Council called together to reform the Catholic doctrine and church
Catherine de’Medici Regent for her son King Charles IX because he was too young to rule as King of France
Politique A person who cared more about politics than religion; indifferent towards religion
Edict of Nantes the law granting religious and civil liberties to the French Protestants
Absolutism The belief that one ruler should have all of the power
Cardinal Richelieu Considered the first prime minister; king’s prime minister; regent of France for the nine-year old King Louis
Gustavus Adolphus Swedish king; founder of the Swedish Empire; called the “Golden King” because he was an example of the perfect king
Small Freeholders a person The Court thought was responsible
English Poor Law a system of poor relief
Hereditary Subjection being forced to work
Philip II ruled one of the world's largest empires which included territories in every continent in Europe.
Armada Catolica the Spanish fleet that sailed against England
Defenestration of Prague An event where several people were thrown out the window; the first time happened at the town hall and the second at the Prague castle
St. Bartholomew's Day massacre An event started by Catherine de Medici; killed 3,000 French Protestants
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