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Fall Week 4

Elite Academy Vocab

alleviate to reduce pain, especially temporarily or without removing its cause
emulate to copy someone; to imitate
enclave a country or other distinctly bounded area wholly surrounded by another area
fluctuate to move back and forth or up and down, especially unpredictably
gullible foolish
mellifluous smooth and sweet; flowing with sweetness
perfidious marked by extreme treachery
plaintive expressing sorrow
prostrate lying face down, especially as a sign of humility or worship; physically or emotionally exhausted
sententious expressing much in few words; given to pompous moralizing
adept very skilled, especially natural talent improved by practice
aptitude an inherent capacity for learning, understanding, or performing
competent capable and skilled
deft quick and skillful
dexterous skillful with the hands or mind
magisterial authoritative; overbearing
masterly having the skill of an expert
proficient very skillful, especially through training
prowess superior skill or ability
virtuoso one with great skill, especially in music or the arts
artifact an object produced by human work, especially one of historical or archaeological interest
deficit an inadequacy; an unfavorable condition or position
edification intellectual or moral improvement; enlightenment
effectual able to produce the desired result
efficacy the power to produce the desired effect
facsimile an exact copy
munificent generous
petrify to turn into stone; to paralyze with terror
rectify to set right; to correct
soporific promoting sleep
cant to lean to one side
faze to disturb; disconcert
flair natural talent; aptitude
floe a large, flat slab of ice formed on water
gait manner of moving on foot; rate or manner of proceeding
grate to irritate; to bother
pare to reduce by, or as if by, cutting
phase a stage in a process of change or development
principle an accepted rule of action; a fundamental law or truth
wail to make a prolonged cry; to mourn
acerbic sharp in smell and taste; harsh in tone
asylum a place of safety
bevy a group, especially of women or birds
bide to remain in a condition or state; to wait
blasphemy an act that shows contempt for God or religious matters
bounty something given generously; a reward, especially one offered by the government
carcass the dead body of an animal, especially one slaughtered for food (also used figuratively)
cloy to cause disgust with too much of something originally pleasant, especially something rich or sweet
consign to give to the care of another; to set apart
covenant a binding agreement
dank unpleasantly damp
deity a god
disclose to reveal
dislodge to force out of a concealed position
dissect to cut into parts for analysis
dowager a widow who holds a title or property that comes from her dead husband
effigy a representation of a person or group used especially to demonstrate hatred
entity something that exists and can be recognized as a distinct unit
entreaty an earnest plea or request
exotic unfamiliar or strikingly different; from far away places of the world
fetish an object of unreasonably excessive attention
finesse subtle skill in performance or in handling a situation
finicky insisting on getting what one wants, often capriciously
flinch to draw back, as from surprise, pain, or something unpleasant or difficult
garland a wreath or woven chain of flowers or leaves
gild to cover with a thin layer of gold
gouge a chisel with a rounded blade; to cut or scoop out, as with such a chisel
grotto a small cave; an artificial structure made to resemble a cave
harlequin a clown or buffoon
invaluable priceless; valuable beyond estimation
jubilant filled with happiness
jurisprudence the science or philosophy of law
kismet fate; destiny
labyrinthine complicated; puzzling
levee earthen or stone embankment to prevent flooding
liability something for which one is responsible; a debt; a disadvantage
livelihood means of support; subsistence
luminary a person who has achieved fame in a particular field
missive a written message
obstruct to block
omnifarious of all kinds; varied
oracle a person thought to be a source of wisdom or prophecy
panoply a splendid array; ceremonial dress with all accessories
predicament a troublesome or embarrassing situation
premises land and buildings that are on it
pummel to beat, as with the fists
rebuke to criticize sharply
recidivist one who returns to criminal habits
remnant a small amount left over after the rest has been used; a surviving trace
restrain to hold back; to discipline, especially oneself
rhapsody a state of great happiness; such a state expressed in speech or writing
salvage to rescue from danger or failure
strife great disagreement
subordinate occupying a lower position
symmetry correspondence of form on each side of an axis; beauty as the result of balance and harmony
throwback a reminder or remnant of an earlier condition
trauma serious physical or emotional injury
troupe a group of touring actors, singers, or performers
vim energy; enthusiasm
vortex a flow of fluid around an axis, like a whirlpool
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