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Anat-Lecture 2

white matter consists of myelinated and unmyelinated axons
white matter consists of three faniculi
faniculi small bundle of fibers, enclosed in a tubular sheath
gray matter consists of neuronal cell bodies, dendrites, and synapses = neuropil
neuropil unmyelinated neuronal processes (axonal and dendritic) within the gray matter of the central nervous system.
white matter arranged in tracts or fasciculi
neuronal tract group of axons that have similar origins and terminations
gray matter arranged in columns
nucleus group of nerve cell bodies located in the CNS that share similar functional properties
T1 - L3 lateral/intermediate horn is present in segments
below L2 take CSF
when naming tracts origin >> termination
alar plate-- dorsal root axons grow into it
basal plate-- ventral root axons grow out of it
spinal nerve components somatic sensory, somatic motor, visceral sensory, visceral motor
nerves are named for their site of ________ emergence from spinal canal
dermatome region of skin innervated by axons in one dorsal root
dermatome skin associated with each developing somite
DTR bicep C5-6, musculocutaneous
DTR tricep C7, radial
DTR knee L7, femoral n.
DTR, ankle S1, sciatic n.
monosynaptic stretch reflex reflexinvolves no intermediaries
flexor reflex reflex involves an interneuron
crossed extensor reflex reflex involves a commissural interneuron
crossed extensor reflex reflex involves the principle of reciprocal innervation
ganglia collection of verve cell bodies located outside the PNS