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stack for chap 16

study stack for chap

benign growth in mucous membrane polyp
discolored, reddened, flat lesion (freckle, mole) macule
more than 1cm elevated solid lesion nodule
small less than 1cm solid elevation of the skin (pimple) papule
when papule run together they form plaques
small abcess-small elevation of the skin containing pus pustule
collection of clear fluid-blister vesicle
scab crust
wearing away erosion
groove or crack fissure
open sore ulcer
elevated, red or pale, hives, mosquito bite wheal
ringworm tinea corporis
athletes foot tinea pedis
ringworm on scalp tinea capitis
tinea under beard tinea barbae
bedsore; gnawing away at tissue of skin ulcer or erosion
inflammation of the hair follicles folliculits
virus that causes shingles herpes varcella zooster virus
tinea unguium; nail fungus onychomycosis
a spreading infection of the skin celluitis
layer of epidermis that sheds (skin replacement process) strata cornum
another name for wart verruca vulgaris
chicken pox is caused by this virus herpes varicella zoster
skin neoplasm common w/AIDS kaposi's sarcoma
most serious type of skin cancer malignant melanoma
fluid filled sac vesicle
dry, flaky, cornified epithelial cells scale
parasitic infevtion from mites that burrow under the skin scabies
skin infection caused by strep or staphy bacteria impetigo
cluster of boils carbunkles
headlice pediculosis
jock itch-affects groin and upper and inner thigh tinea cruris
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