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patho exam

test soon

thrombocythemia unknown cause | sx= clotting & central nervous system damage
hereditary hemorrhagic telongiectasia cause- genetics, hereditary disorder | sx= red lesions
von willibrands disease cause- genetic hereditary disease | sx= bleeding tendency despite adequate levels of circulating platelets
hemophilia cause- genetic hereditary disease | sx= bleeding tendency
thalassemia cause- genetics results in formation of defective hemoglobin | sx- pallor, fatique, dyspnea
thrombocytopenia cause- conditions that impair production or cause sequestration of platelets | sx- bleeding, hemorrhage.
sickle cell anemia cause- genetics, formation of abnormal hemoglobin |sx= pallor, fatique, dyspnea.
iron deficiency anemia. cause- iron, hemmorhage, chronic disease | sx- pallor, dyspnea, fatique.
myelomonocytic leukemia cause- unknown, virus, radiation | sx- fever, swollen lymph nodes, radiation
vitamin b12 deficiency cause- malnutrition, vegitarinism, defiency of intrinsic factor | sx- pallor, parathesia, glossitis
purpura simplex cause- genetice, hereditary disorder, unknown. |sx- easy bruising
Neutropenia cause- immune supression, chemo, radiation | sx- infections, fever
eosinophilia myalgia syndrome cause- unnown, ingestion of l-tryptophon | sx- muscle pain, weakness
leukemia cause- unknown, virus, radiation | sx- fever, swollem lymph nodes, anemia
folic acid deficiency cause-inflamation of bowel, pregnancy, alcoholism, kidney disease | sx- pallor, fatique, dyspnea, glossitis
idiopathis hypereosinphilic syndrome causes- unknown, virus, radiation | sx- chf, valvular defects, myocarditis
Created by: karmen