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CPT Chapter 2

Principles of CPT Coding workbook

What is the 1st of 3 basic administration of services for anesthesia? Routine preoperative and postoperative visits to evaluate the patient for the planned anesthesia and monitor the patients post-surgery recovery from anesthesia.
What is the 2nd of 3 basic administration of services for anesthesia? Administration of fluids and/or blood during the period of anesthesia care.
What is the 3rd basic administration of services for anesthesia? Interpretation of noninvasive monitoring such as electrocardiography (ECG), body temperature, capnography (blood carbon dioxide concentration) and mass spectrometry.
Who administers the basic anesthesia administration services ? They are provided by, or under the responsible supervision of: a Physician
How should invasive forms of monitoring (intra-arterial, central venous,& pulmonary artery catheters) be reported? separately from the basic anesthesia administration services
You should code the appropriate CPT code/modifier/qualifying circumstances in the anesthesia section of the CPT code book for anesthesia services unless... A particular payer does not accept CPT anesthesia codes.
What do you code instead of the anesthesia code? Codes from the Surgery section of the CPT Code-book would be used to report anesthesia services.
What should you do if general anesthesia is administered along with an epidural or a nerve blocking injection to provide postoperative analgesia? Code them in addition to the anesthesia code because they are separate and distinct services.
Does it matter if the block procedure occurred preoperatively, postoperatively, or during the procedure in order to use the code as an addition to the anesthesia code? No
How do you code multiple procedures performed during a single anesthetic administration? Code only the anesthesia procedure code for the most complex service as well as the total time for all procedures.
T/F Moderate (conscious) sedation is an anesthesia service. False
What code range would you report for Moderate (Conscious) Sedation provided by the physician also performing the service for which conscious sedation is needed? 99143-99145
Created by: crazedsmyle