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Anatomy Two-HIstory

History of Anatomy and Medical Imaging

What was the earliest piece of anatomy: Clay piece of sheep liver used to tell the future
Who made medicine seperate from Gods and superstition and when? Hippocrates in 460 B.C.
Who was the first person to dissect things? Aristoteles
Who was Galen and how did he believe anatomy is learned? Very influencial physicial and anatomist, dissected lots of animals, had 12 centuries of authority, though anatomy could be learned through seeing wounds and inference
What important fact about blood was incorrect in the rein of Galen? The fact that blood was thought to be absorbed into bones and did not circulate
What were the four humours? Black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, blood
What does too blood blood lead to? Happyness, Sanguine (AIR)
Phlegm? Phlegmatic, Impassive, slow (WATER)
Yellow bile Choler, Angry (FIRE)
Black Bile Melancholy, Sad, (Earth)
What is Blood letting? Get rid of problem areas by letting blood out at certain places to release an illness
What is the Wound man? Used by surgeouns to find treatment for war places
What is the Zodiac Man? Used to see the influence of stars on certain parts of the body; also told of plants used with a special sign to cure an illness
What is the Vitruvian man and when was he drawn? Human anatomy based on specific proportions. Most accurate anatomical representation: 70c 25B.C.
What was Da Vinci's contribution to anatomy? First accurate drawing of human dissection; showed heart, frontal and maximillary capilaries
What was the process of dissection in the past? A teach directed students to cut someone
Who was Visalius? (What was the breakthrough year?) Published fabric of human body in 1543
What did vesalius do? Founder of human anatomy, showed detailed organs of dissections, very intricate and showed anatomical position
Who was william harvey? He discovered that blood circulated
HOw did willam harvey make this discoverY? Measured blood expelled by heart, determined too much blood to all be absorbed
When did they realize that the blood circulated? 1628
Who invented the microscope? Anthony Van Leuwes
What did this invention lead to? Vicroscopy
What is vicroscopy? Microscopic anatomy
Who invented the x-ray and when? Conrad Radkin on Nov 8, 1895
What was the first thign x-rayed? Radkin's hand and his wife's hand
What did he get for his discovery? 1st physics nobel prize
When did sound waves become important in medical imaging? 1877; WWI because of enemy subs
What is a sonascope? Invention by douglas harvey that compined the sonal and a TV to detect an echo to make and image
How did computers contribute to medical imaging? the cat scan; image brain to make 3d image
what is an ultrasound? Sonascope and computers combined to see tissues
Who was ganthry Vansfield? Beatles engineer who made MRI
When was the MRI invented? 1971, by demlion tom larver
What is MRI? Pulsation with magnet similar to cat scan with a magnet in it
What was important about MRI? Can see inside of bones to detect tumors
What is the positron emission imaging? A radioactive liquid ingested that can show the path of liquid to view actual body organs
What did PET scans show? The cavities in brain--alzeimers
When are x-rays used? great for bones
When is MRI used? Soft tissue, NOT BONE, can detect cancer
What is MRI? Protons, radio waves, intensity of matter
What is an ultrasound? Sounds waves are reflected and detected-->moving image
CATomography: allows 3D images because it is multiple x rays in an circle
Use of CT scan: used for soft tissue and organs to get fine detail
PET scan use: physiology of body structure study
how does PET work? a substance injected emits positrons where the activity at a site is shown
Created by: talkglitter2486