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Anatomy 01

Chemical The smallest components.
Cellular Molecules combine together to form the cellular level.
Tissue made up of groups of cells and the materials surrounding them.
The four types of tissue are: epithelial, muscle, connective, and nervous.
* epithelial Protective tissue found in the linings of cavities and organs and as part of the skin.
* muscle Responsible for all of the movement of the body.
Muscle is subdivided into what 3 divisions? skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle.
Skeletal muscle is made of ______ ______ and is the tissue that allows for voluntary _______ ________. long fibers, body movements
Smooth muscle lines the internal organs and carries out primarily _______ body movements that assist in _______ function. involuntary, organ
Cardiac muscle is found only in the heart and is specifically designed to maintain ________ and _____ ______. heartbeat and blood flow.
* connective – Tissue that binds the body together and supports ______ and ________ posture and function.
Supporting connective tissue consists of the ________ and _______ of the body, which give the body support and base structure. bones and cartilage
Binding connective tissue is defined as the _______ and ________—thick strong tissue that binds muscle to bone and bones to each other. tendons and ligaments
* nervous – Composed of nerves and is the ____ system of the body, passing electronic messages from the brain. This allows for all motor functions both _____ and ________. communication, voluntary and involuntary
Different kinds of tissue forms the ______ level. The _____ are composed of two or more types of these tissues. organ, organs
System made up of several organs that have a common function.
Organs that are a part of the digestive system break down and absorb food.
The pancreas is part of both the _______ system & the _______ system. digestive and endocrine
Organism The largest structural level
integumentary system skin
Fibrous connective tissue is also a binding material, though instead of connecting other connective tissues, this tissue connects ____ together and binds the___to the rest of the body. muscles, skin
system made up of several organs which have a common function
organism largest structural level
muscle responsible for all of the movement of the body
chemical atoms and molecules
tissue made up of groups of cells and the materials surrounding them
nervous tissue which is the communication system of the body
cellular molecules combine together to form this level
connective supports posture and function
epithelial protects cavities and organ structures from injury and fluid loss
organ tissues combine to form this level
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