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AMT Chapter 8


the study of the endocrine system endocrinology
a physician who specializes in the study of the endocrine system endocrinologist
pain in a gland adenalgia
surgical excision of a gland adenectomy
a tumor of a gland adenoma
a softening of a gland adenomalacia
condition of hardening of a gland adenosclerosis
any disease condition of a gland adenosis
gland known as the master gland of the body pituitary
any condition of the pituitary gland pituitarism
secretes several hormones that are essential for the growth and development of bones, muscles, other organs, sex glands, the thyroid gland, and the adrenal cortex adenohypophysis
hyposecretion of a hormone dwarfism
hypersecretion of a hormone gigantism
an enlargement of the extremities acromegaly
posterior lobe of the pituitary gland secretes two known hormones antidiuretic hormone and oxytocin neurohypophysis
patient excretes copious amounts of colorless and dilute urine diabetes insipidus
tumor of the pineal body pinealoma
surgical excision of the pineal body pinealectomy
resembling a shield thyroid
surgical excision of the thyroid gland thyroidectomy
inflammation of the thyroid gland thyroiditis
downward drooping of the thyroid gland thyroptosis
and condition of abnormal functioning of the thyroid gland thyrosis
a poisonous condition of the thyroid gland thyrotoxicosis
a congenital deficiency in secretion of the thyroid hormones cretinism
a condition of mucus swelling resulting from hypofunction of the thyroid gland myxedema
pertaining to an abnormal protrusion of the eye exophthalmic
is also known as throcalcitonin and is a thyroid hormone that influences bone and calcium metabolism calcitonin
a nervous syndrome characterized by intermittent tonic spasms that usually involve the extremities tetany
excessive buildup of calcium in the blood hypercalcemia
facilitates the breakdown of glycogen to glucose, thereby elevating the blood sugar glucagon
is essential for maintenance of a normal level of blood sugar which is 70-110 mg/100 mL of blood insulin
urine uria
dipsia thirst
mellitus is a disease characterized by excessive discharge of urine, polydipsia, polyphagia diabetes
a condition in which the glucose in the blood is abnormally low hypoglycemia
a condition where there is an excessive amount of insulin in the blood hyperinsulinism
toward the kidney adrenal
surgical excision of the adrenal gland adrenalectomy
any disease of the adrenal gland adrenopathy
pertaining to nourishing or stimulating to the adrenal glands adrenotopic
is a glycocorticoid hormone and it is the principal steroid hormone secreted by the cortex cortisol
is a syndrome of hypersecretion of cortisol cushing's
is the principal mineralocorticoid secreted by the adrenal cortex aldosterone
hypersecretion of aldosterone may result in a condition known as primary aldosterone
these hormones are essential for the development of the male secondary sex characteristics testosterone
medulla synthesizes, secretes, and stores catecholamines, specifically dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine adrenal
acts to dilate systemic arteries, elevates systolic blood pressure, increases cardiac output, and increases urinary output dopamine
promotes the maturation process of T lymphocytes thymosin
is a hormone that influences the production of lymphocyte precursors and aids in their process of becoming T lymphocytes thymopoietin
surgical excision of the thymus gland thymectomy
inflammation of the thymus gland thymitis
a tumor of the thymus gland thymoma
surgical fixation of an enlarged thymus in a new position thymopexy
a medical term pertaing to drowsiness lethargic
a condition of premature old age occurring children progeria
hormones used as supplements or replacement therapy in hypothyroidis, myxedema, and cretinism thyroid
hormones are used in the treatment of hyperthyroidism antithyroid
is used in the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes melitus, noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus when other regimens are not effective, and ketoacidosis insulin
agents are used to stimulate insulin secretion from pancreatic cells in noninsulin-dependent diabetics with some pancreatic function hypoglycemic
adrenocorticotropic hormone ACTH
antidiuretic hormone ADH
blood glucose BG, bG
basal metabolic rate BMR
diabetes mellitus DM
diabetes insipidus DI
insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus IDDM
noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus NIDDM
parathormone PTH
somatotropin hormone STH
triiodothyronine T3
thyroxine T4
vasopressin VP
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