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Hot Words 36


aplomb social poise; composure
axiom a true or wise saying
capricious changeable; fickle
cavalier arrogant; showing a lack of respect toward someone or something
compunction a feeling of remorse for doing something wrong; regret
diffident lacking confidence in oneself
dilettante one who dabbles in the arts and sciences but is an expert in neither
egalitarian pertaining to equal political, social, and economical rights for all mankind
heretic one who challenges societal and religious tradition
idiosyncratic of or relating to strange or odd behavioral habits that are peculiar to the individual
insurgent a rebel
irrefutable unable to be argued against
melancholy a feeling of sadness and gloominess
mimetic pertaining to imitation or mimicry, biological or otherwise
palpable able to be touched or felt
pedantic showy in one's learning
portentous very meaningful with regard to events to come
sardonic scornful or bitter; sarcastic
variegated having different patterns, colors, or appearance; dappled
viable able to sustain life, practicality, or effectiveness
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