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Function of skeleton protects body organs & hemopoietic tissue
What mineral is stored in bone calcium
What makes up bone matrix calcium salts
What is the name of the tissue that covers joint surfaces where bone meets bone articular cartilage
What is the name of the tissue/membrane that covers the shaft of bones periosteum
Cells in bone matrix that produce are called osteoblasts
Cells in bone matrix that reabsorb are called osteoclasts
What is the hemopoietic tissue inside of the bone red bone marrow
What is it called when cartilage turns to bones ossification
What are the 2 divisions of the axial axial and appendicular
What is the axial made up of skull, vertebral column and rib cage
What is the appendicular made up of arms, legs, shoulder girdle and pelvic girdle
Without stress bone can lose what calcium
How many vertebrae are there in the thoracic 12
How many vertebrae are there in the lumbar 5
How many vertebrae are there in the cervical 7
How many vertebrae are there in the coccygeal 4-5 fused to 1
How many vertebrae are there in the sacral 5 fused to 1
What is the first cervical vertebrae called atlas
What is the second cervical vertebrae called axis
What is the medical word for shoulder blade scapula
What is the medical word for collar bone clavical
What is the medical word for kneecap patella
What is the medical word for shin bone tibia
What is the medical word for breastbone sternum
What are the 3 parts that make up the sternum manubrium, body of sternum and xiphoid process
Which bone of the forearm articulates with the humerus and forms the elbow joint ulna
Which bone in the lower leg articulates with the knee and forms the knee joint tibia
Which bone stabilizes the ankle and allows for muscle attachment fibula
What is the medical word for the tarsal that forms the heelbone calcaneus
What kind of joint has no movement Synarthrosis joint (ex. skull)
What kind of joint has a lot of movement Diarthrosis joint
What kind of joint has little movement Amphiarthrosis joint (ex. vertebrae)
Muscle cells are specialised for what contraction
Two functions of the muscular system are move skeleton and produce heat
Fibers of tendon produce coverage with what membrane to cover muscle fascia
What does antagostic muscle action refer to opposite
What does synergistic muscle action refer to same
What is muscle tone state of contraction
What is isotonic when there is movement and muscle contraction
What is isometric when there is no movement and some muscle contraction
What is muscle sense Brain knows where muscles are and doing without you looking
What is muscle fatigue lactic acid built up in muscles
Two contractile proteins that cause contraction are myocin and actin
Two contractile proteins that stop contraction are tropnin and tropomyosin
An increase in angle of joint is called Extension
A decrease in angle of joint is called flexion
To move closer to midline of body is called adduction
To move away from midline of body is called abduction
What is it called when palms are down pronation
What is it called when palms are up supination
To elevate foot with toes pointing outward is called dorsiflexion
Name the long bones tibia, ulna, radius, humerus, femur
Name the flat bones ribs, shoulder blade, skull, hip bones, pelvis
Name the short bones carpals and tarsals
Name the irregular bones vertebrae and facial
Which bones have compact bone on the outside all bones
Which bones have spongy bone on the inside all bones
Which bones have diaphysis long bones
What is the end of the bones called epiphysis
What is the medical term for growth plates epiphyseal disc
Which kind of bone has yellow marrow long bone
What is an osteocyte bone cell
What is the composition of a long bone spongy bone and compact bone
Bones in an embryo are first made up of what cartilage
Name the vitamins involved in bone growth and formation A, C and D
Name the 3 bones in the ear malleus, incus and stapes
The vertebral column protects what spinal cord
Name the muscles for injection sites deltoid, gluteus medius and vastus lateralis
A break in the radius within 1" of joint of wrist is what kind of fracture Colles fracture
A break in fibula near the ankle joint is what kind of fracture Potts fracture
A break in the bottom of a skull is what kind of fracture Basal skull fracture
In the knee what is the meniscus ligament that is more restrictive and injured faster medial meniscus
What is the name of the ligament on top of knee that usually gets torn with the meniscus anterior cruciate ligament
What does ROM mean range of motion
What is compact bone made up of haversian system which are cylindrical
What is spongy bone contains osteocytes, bone matrix but not haversian system and oftens contains red bone marrow
What is an osteocyte bone cell which regulates amount of calcium deposited or removed from bone matrix
What is bone matrix made of calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate
Which bones are made of spongy bone covered with compact bone all bones
Which bones consist of a diaphysis made of compact bone and epiphysis long bones
Which bones consist of spongy bone and contains red bone marrow short, flat and irregular
Which bones consist of a marrow canal and usually have yellow bone marrow long bones
What is the function of the vertebral column to connect trunk to head and to protect spinal cord from injury
What is the specific instrument used to view inside of a joint arthroscope
Lyme disease is caused by what species Borrelia burgdorferi
What 2 dietary modifications should be advised to paatient with an acute episode of gout decrease proteins and increase fluids
What 2 primary muscular skeletal structures are involved in shin splints periosteum and extensor muscles
What is the medical term for calcaneal or heel spurs plantar fascitis
What bacteria is responsible for 90% of cases of osteomyelitis Staphylococcus auerus
What surgical technique is used to repair two ends of a severed tendon tenorrhaphy
What is gout disorder of uric acid metabolism
What is osteitis deformans disorder affecting side and shape of bones
what is Marfan's syndrome is inherited, abnormal connective tissue, very long bones
What is osteoporosis loss of bone density
What is osteoarthritis breakdown and eventual loss of cartilage of joints
What is osteomalacia defective mineralization of bones of adults
What is rickets when osteomalacia occurs in children & impacts growing skeleton
What is hallux valgus enlargement of 1st MTP joint (inward position of great toe)
what is hallus rigidis degeneration of 1st MTP joint (stiff great toe and may lead to bone spurs)
What is adhesive capsulitis inflammation of capsule surrounding shoulder joint (frozen shoulder)
What is a sprain tear of ligament
What is a strain stretching of tendon, muscle or other tissue
What is fibromyalgia pain with stiffness, tenderness of muscles, tendons and joints
What is articular cartilage covers smooth bone surface at joint end
What is synovial membrane lines joint capsule secreting synovial fluid into cavity (inside)
What is synovial fluid thick, slippery fluid that prevents friction within the cavity as bones move (doesn't allow for heat to build up and reduces friction)
What is a bursae small sacs of synovial fluid between joints and tendons crossing over joints and tendons (gives gliding environment)
What is a joint capsule made of fibrous connection tissue enclosed in joint (encloses joint)
To lower foot with toes pointing downwards is called plantar flexion
Which vertebrae are the largest & strongest Lumbar
What is the one bone in the neck called hyoid
How many carpal bones in the wrist 8
How many tarsal bones in the ankle 7
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