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Yoruba terms

Ori inu The head
Eshu ni Pacuo The back of the neck
Esika meji The shoulders
Okokan The heart
Akwa meji The arms
Onukun meji The knees
Elese meji The feet
Owo osi owo otun ono wale The hands
ota Smooth black stone. Represents immortality and stability of both the soul and spiritual truths. Answers in the negative and used with efun.
Efun Always marks the affirmative yes answer
Aye Elongated spiral saltwater shell. Used for questions about relationships and marriage
Owo Two cut cowries tied or a single uncut cowrie larger than regular ones. Paired with efun is negative and with ota is affirmative. Financial questions.
Apadi Small piece of broken pottery or china. Used with things concerning arguments or wars.
Gungun Bone from goat. Used with ota to mark the affirmative to questions dealing with the dead
Ire ariku Health
Ire elese eleda Translates to "goodness at the feet of ones ori. Luck cnd evolution from the clients ori
Ire otonowa Goodness from heaven from Olodumare.
Ire elese ocha Goodness at the feet of the orishas. Blessings come through one of the orishas who speak in this odu.
Ire elese egun Goodness at the feet of ones ancestral spirits. Can be blood or spiritual.
Ire elese ara onu Goodness at the feet of the spirits of heaven who are unrelated to the client physically and spiritually.
Ire aye Goodness through the increase of fortune if the client does all he is told to do.
Ire elese elenu Goodness from the speakers tongue. Elegba owns the tongue and propitiation of this orisha is essential to making manifest the blessings promised. Second it is by the clients own tongue that he will receive blessings.
Ire lowo Goodness and evolution through works (the clients own hands). Advise client to work hard.
Ire dedewan t'Olokun Blessings from the depths of Olokun. Client might need to receive Olokun to bring the mysteries of the sea into their home. Extremely powerful if marked by Irosun.
Ire ashegunota Blessings from the stones of the Orishas. Client must search for the stones in nature themselves for orisha to receive if this is marked.
Ire elese Araoko Goodness at the feet of the fertile land. Person needs to travel away from the city and spend time in the country. A short vacation may do but for many this blessing suggests a permanent move to a more rural setting. Orisha Oko
Ire elese abure Goodness at the feet of a brother or sister (blood or ocha). Strengthen the ties in the family.
Ire elese onini Goodness at the feet of a woman.
Ire elese okuni Goodness at the feet of a man.
Ire elese omo Goodness at the feet of a child. Prohibited from abortion as this destroys ire and can never be brought back.
Ire elese arubo Goodness at the feet of the elders. Obatala and Olofin involved. Those with gray hair are to be respected because good advice could come from them.
Ire ibujoko Goodness and blessings of change. Forebodes many changes for he client and by accepting these changes blessings come. Might need to change lifestyle and behavior.
Ire alafia Blessings of peace. Peace is coming to the clients life.
Ire elese babatobi Blessings and goodness at the feet of ones godfather. Needs this connection for evolution. Often falls in 4-8 and person in dire need of religion yet too poor to afford ceremonies. Diviner should keep this in mind as blessings also for godfather.
Ire elese iyatobi Blessings and goodness at the feet of ones godmother.
Ire banda loguro Blessings and goodness from the depths of the earth.
Ire elese ewe Blessings and goodness from gambling. Be willing to take risks to come out ahead in life.
Ire elese ori yoko Blessings and goodness at the feet of a tied head. Ultimate ebo is for client to make ocha.
Ire iyeku Blessings and goodness through tragedy. Almost always arrives through death and inheritance. It can also mark lawsuits and personal injury claims.
Iku Death. Use ota and gungun. Bone is the affirmative. Clients life is in danger.
Ano Illness. Use aye and ota. Aye is affirmative. Some type of disease will visit the client.
Eyo Legal complications
Araye Arguments
Inya War
Ona Afflictions. Home body and family are all affected under this orientation. Elegba is propitiated because he can block all roads to destruction and open paths to evolution.
Ofo Loss. Every aspect of the clients life suffers: business
Ogo Witchcraft. If not fought will destroy clients life.
Akoba Things are not good in the clients life.
Fitibo Gungun and ota. Death and in this case death is close. More sudden than iku.
Egba Aye and Ota. Paralysis and signifies loss of all that is good in the clients life.
Oran Moral and legal crimes. Client is creating his own osogbo.
Epe Curse.
ewon Imprisonment.
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