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Med Term Chap.. 4


bradykinesia extreme slowness in movement, symptom of parkinsons disease
dyskinesia distortion or impairment of voluntary movement such as in a tic or spasm
dystaxia mild form of ataxia, inability to coordinate muscle activity during voluntary movement, diffculty controlling voluntary movement, also known as partial ataxia
electromyography diagnostic test that measures electrical activity within muscle fibers in response to nerve stimulation, records strength of muscle contractions
electromyogram record from electromyography that records strength of muscle contractions
epicondylitis inflammation of tissue surrounding the elbow, also known as tennis elbow
fasciitis inflammation of fascia, also known as fascitis
fascioplasty surgical repair of fascia
fasciorrhaphy surgical suturing of a tore fascia
fasciotomy surgical incision through fascia to relieve tension or pressure
hemiplegia total paralysis affecting only one side of the body, associated with stroke or brain damage
herniorrhaphy surgical suturing or repair of a hernia
hyperkinesia hyperactivity, abnormally increased muscle function or activity
kinesiology study of principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement
myalgia tenderness or pain in muscles, also known as myodynia
myectomy surgical excision of portion of a muscle or a muscle
myocardium forms muscles of walls of the heart, also known as cardiac muscle and myocardial muscle
myocele herniation of muscle substance through a tear in fascia surrounding it
myolysis degeneration, deterioration, or breaking down of muscle tissue
myomalacia abnormal softening of muscle tissue
myoparesis weakness or slight muscular paralysis
myoplasty surgical repair of a muscle
myorrhexis rupture or tearing of a muscle
myosclerosis hardening of muscle tissue
myositis muscle diease characterized by the simutaneous inflammation and weakening of voluntary muscles
myotonia neuromuscular disorder characterized by slow relaxation of muscles after voluntary contraction
nocturnal myoclonus jerking of limbs that can occur normally as a person is falling asleep
paraplegia paralysis of both legs and lower part of body
polymyositis muscle disease characterized by simultaneous inflammation and weakening of voluntary muscles in many parts of the body
quadriplegia paralysis of all four extremities, caused by spinal cord injury in the cervical vertebrae area
tardive dyskinesia slow or belated form of dyskinesia or involuntary muscle movements, side effect of prolonged use of antipsychotic drugs
tenalgia pain in a tendon, also known as tenodynia
tenodesis surgical suturing of the end of tendon to a bone
tenoplasty surgical repair of a tendon, also known as tendinoplasty
tenorrhaphy surgical suturing together of divided ends of a tendon
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