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Med. Term. Suhailah1

Medical Terminology Suffixes, Prefixes, Combining forms "A"

a- away from; without
ab- away from
abdomin/o- abdomen
ablat/o- take away; destroy
-able able to be
abort/o- stop prematurely
abras/o- scrape off
absorpt/o- absorb; take in
-ac pertaining to
access/o- supplemental or contributing part
accomodo/o- to adapt
acetabul/o- acetabulum (hip socket)
acid/o- acid (low pH)
acous/o- hearing; sound
acr/o- extremity; highest point
acromi/o- acromion (projection of the scapula, or shoulder blade)
actin/o- rays of the sun
act/o- action
acu/o- needle; sharpness
ad- toward
-ad toward; in the direction of
addict/o- surrender to; be controlled by
-ade action; process
aden/o- gland
adenoid/o- adenoids (pharyngeal or nasopharyngeal tonsils)
adhes/o- to stick to
adip/o- fat
adjuv/o- giving help or assistance
adnex/o- accessory connecting parts
adolesc/o- the beginning of being an adult
adrenal/o- adrenal gland
adren/o- adrenal gland
affect/o- state of mind; mood; to have an influence on
affer/o- bring toward the center
agglutin/o- clumping; sticking
aggreg/o- crowding together
ag/o- to lead to
agon/o- causing action
agor/a- open area or space
-al pertaining to
albin/o- white
albumin/o- albumin
alges/o- sensation of pain
-algia pain; painful condition
alg/o- pain
align/o- arranged in a straight line
aliment/o- food; nourishment
-alis pertaining to
alkal/o- base (high pH)
allerg/o- allergy
all/o- other; strange
alopec/o- bald
alveol/o- alveolus (air sac)
ambly/o- dimness
ambulat/o- walking
amnes/o- forgetfulness
amni/o- amnion (fetal membrane)
-amnios amniotic fluid
amputat/o- to cut off
amput/o- to cut off
amygdal/o- almond shape
amyl/o- carbohydrate; starch
an- without; not
-an pertaining to
ana- apart from; excessive
anabol/o- building up
analy/o- to separate
anastom/o- create an opening between two structures
-ance state of
ancill/o- servant; accessory
-ancy state of
andr/o- male
aneurysm/o- aneurysm (dilation)
angin/o- angina
angi/o- blood vessel; lymphatic vessel
anis/o- unequal
ankyl/o- fused together; stiff
an/o- anus
ant- against
-ant pertaining to
antagon/o- oppose or work against
ante- forward; before
anter/o- before; front part
anthrac/o- coal
anti- against
anxi/o- fear; worry
aort/o- aorta
apher/o- withdrawal
aphth/o- ulcer
apic/o- apex (tip)
apo- away from
appendic/o- appendix
appendicul/o- limb; small attached part
append/o- small structure hanging from a larger structure; appendix
appercept/o- fully perceived
aque/o- watery substance
-ar pertaining to
arachn/o- spider; spider web
-arche a beginning
areol/o- small area around the nipple
-arian pertaining to a person
-aris pertaining to
arteri/o- artery
arteriol/o- arteriole
arter/o- artery
arthr/o- joint
articul/o- joint
-ary pertaining to
asbest/o- asbestos
ascit/o- ascites
-ase enzyme
aspir/o- to breathe in; to suck in
asthen/o- lack of strength
asthm/o- asthma
astr/o- starlike structure
-ate composed of; pertaining to
-ated pertaining to a condition; composed of
atel/o- incomplete
ather/o- soft, fatty substance
atheromat/o- fatty deposit or mass
athet/o- without position or place
-atic pertaining to
-ation a process; being or having
-ative pertaining to
-ator person or thing that produces or does
-atory pertaining to
atri/o- atrium (upper heart chamber)
attenu/o- weakened
-ature system composed of
audi/o- the sense of hearing
audit/o- the sense of hearing
augment/o- increase in size or degree
aur/i- ear
auricul/o- ear
auscult/o- listening
aut/o- self
autonom/o- independent; self-governing
axill/o- axilla (armpit)
axi/o- axis
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