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Food-borne Bacteria

Salmonella Found in raw or undercooked eggs or chicken - preventative cook eggs and meat thoroughly
Staph A bacteria/toxin found in nose, throat, & infected lesions - preventative frequent hand washing and sanitary habits
E.coli 0157:H7 Found in ground beef and in the intestinal tract of animals/humans - preventative washing hands after bathroom usage and cooking meat to 160 F
Perfringens A cafeteria germ found in gravy and meat combinations - preventative serve food shortly after cooking and chill foods quickly
Botulism A deadly toxin found in dented or bulging cans and root vegetables - preventative never eat suspected food and discard the food
Campylobacter Found in the intestinal tracts of animals and infects 1/3 to 1/2 of all chicken - preventative thoroughly cooking meats
Listeria Grows at refrigerator temps. and found in soft cheeses and deli meats - preventative pasteurize all milk products
Yersinia Found in pigs and tofu products - preventative thoroughly cook all foods
Shigella Found in macaroni, potato, chicken, and tuna salads - preventative proper hygiene and hand washing
Bacillus Cereus Found in cooked rice and cooked pasta - preventative hold three days in refrigeration
Created by: McCartyS