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European History

Historical developments of Europe WWI - WWII

What is imperialism System of building foreign empires for military and trade advantages.
What does it mean to colonize a land? To take over a land, its resources and government.
Where was Prince Henry the navigator from? Portugal
What two countries explored Canada? France and Great Britain
What is nationalism? Pride in one's contry.
Why did Europeans explore? God, Glory and gold.
What are some of Prince Henry the Navigator's accomplishments? Used technology like the compass, had a school for navigation, captured an important Muslim trade center, explored 2000 miles of West African Coastline.
Why is Columbus important in the study of European exploration? He introduced Europe to the idea of exploring and travelling to the new world.
Where did the Romance languages come from? The language of the Roman empire Latin.
What are the environmental issues in Europe? Acid rain in Germany, Smog in the UK, and the Nuclear disaster in Cherynobl.
Literacy rate is? The ability to read and write.
How does lack of literacy affect a persons standard of living? The more literate (able a person can read, write and think critically) the higher their quality of life will be.
What was the industrial revolution? An increase in technology such as electricity, and machines that made people less reliant on manual labor and increased productivity.
Alliance Group who join together and share common interests and goals.
Created by: Msweekes