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VOC unit 2

1. ADA Americans With Disabilities Act
2. CPU Central Processing Unit
3. RAM Radom
4. ROM read only memory
5. Caustic capable of burning or eating away tissue
6. Citation to quote an authority
7. Collating collect in one file all materials pertaining to a patient, and group this information by category
8. Colleague a fellow member of a profession
9. Co pay
10. Demographic data relating to descriptive information, such as age, gender, race, ethnic background , and education
11. Discriminatory to set someone apart or to act w/ prejudice
12. Draft a preliminary version of writing
13. Ergonomics science that deals with peoples performance and good health while carrying out job tasks
14. Grievance real or imaginary wrong regarded as a cause for complaint or resentment
15. Honorarium small payment for a service
16. Inventory a list of articles w/ a description & a quantity
17. Mandate require
18. Microcomputer small computer system designed to be portable
19. Microprocessor a small chip that does the processing of data
20. Monitor screen that allows users to see input & output
21. Morale positive or negative state of mind of employees
22. Probationary a trail period
23. Prompt a reminder to take action
24. Protocol the standard
25. Receptionist a physician’s staff employee, often an MA who greets and assists patients as they come into the office.
26. Seniority the person who has been there longest
27. Software a set of program instructions that tell hardware what to do, to complete data processing
28. Solvent having sufficient asset to pay debts
29. Terminal also called a monitor, allows the operator to see input and output
30. Virulent relating to the transmission of a disease .Exceedingly harmful.
Created by: Littleraincloud