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GPRF / 4th Republic


GPRF proclaimed in Algiers? 3 June 1944
D-Day? 6 June 1944
Liberation of Paris? 25 August 1944
Adoption of 4th Republic? 13 October 1946
GPRF installed in Paris? 31 August 1944
Promulgation of Constitution of 4th Republic? 27 October 1946
Vincent Auriol elected President of 4th Republic? 16 January 1947
GPRF declares all Vichy decisions and rules null and void? 9 August 1944
GPRF recognised by UK, US, USSR and Canada? 23 October 1944
FFI integrated into French army? 23 September 1944
Milices patriotiques integrated into French army? 28 October 1944
GPRF creates Ecole nationale d'administration to train future functionaries? 9 May 1945
Comité français de la Libération nationale (CFLN) accords voting rights to women? 21 April 1944
GPRF confirms voting rights for women? 5 October 1944
First municipal elections? 29 April 1945
Ordinance puts Social Security in place? 19 October 1945
Ordinance puts Family Allowances in place? 22 August 1946
Ordinance on juvenile deliquence? 2 February 1945
Trial of Marshal Pétain begins before the High Court? 23 July 1945
High Court of Justice created? 18 November 1944
High Court finds Pétain guilty and sentences him to death, l'indignité nationale and confiscation of property? 15 August 1945
Referendum on project for a new constitution and election of a new Constituent Assembly? 21 October 1945
De Gaulle resigns in protest against the constitution project and Communist ministers? 20 January 1946
First -- monocameral -- constitution project (supported by the left but rejected by De Gaulle, centrists and the right) rejected by referendum? 5 May 1946
Second Constituent Assembly (marked by reinforcement of MRP and decline of the left) elected? 2 June 1946
Bicameral constitution of 4th Republic definitively adopted by referendum? 13 October 1946
Hitler's suicide in Berlin? 30 April 1945
Allied forces cross the Rhine? 23 March 1945
France becomes a permanent member of UN Security Council? 16 May 1945
GPRF decides to proceed with a double referendum on 1) question of institutions and 2) legislative elections? 21 October 1945
De Gaulle lays out vision for political organisation of a democratic state at Bayeux in Normandy? 16 June 1946
Félix Gouin becomes Head (Chef) of GPRF? 26 January 1946
Georges Bidault becomes Head (Chef) of GPRF? 24 June 1946
Léon Blum becomes Head (Chef) of GPRF? 16 December 1946
Paul Ramadier becomes President of Conseil des ministres français? 22 January 1947
Robert Schuman becomes President of Conseil des ministres français? 24 November 1947
Created by: bertiewooster