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terms for the bones

Canals connecting central canals to each other Perforating
Growth between epiphysis and diaphysis Interstitial growth
Bones of the skull base and all postcrainial bones including part of the clavial Endochondral Bone
Marrow cavity at the center of a long bone Medullary
Passageways connectiong lucunae to eachother and to the central canal Canaliculi
Increase in overall size Appositional growth
Holes found between Lamellae Lucunae
Concentric layers of boney matrix Lamell
Clavical and skull bone (except base) Intramembranous bone
Often associated with an area of articulation with another bone or site of strong muscle attachment Also secondary center of ossification Epiphysis
Composed of osteons Compact bone
Cancellous of trabecular bone spongy
Canal containing blood vessesels and nerves Central canal
Membrane covering the outside of the bone Periosteum
Membrane covering the inside of the bone Endosteum
Found underlying articular cartilage making the facet surface Subchondral bone
Bone shaft primary center of ossification Diaphysis
Connecting diaphysis and epiphysus composed of hyaline cartilage Epiphyseal plate
Typically covers the bone where is articulates with other bones compsed of hyaline cartilage Articular cartilage
Smooth glossy surface for bone articulation Facets
Bone destroying cells Osteoclasts
Former osteoblasts found within the lucunae maintain surrounding bone tissue and regulate mineral content (bone manager) Osteocytes
Lay down new bone located within the central canal and beneth the periosteum (bone forming) Osteoblasts
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