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Word Smart - "I"

iconoclast (n) one who attacks popular beliefs
ideology (n) a system of social or political ideas
idiosyncrasy (n) a peculiarity
idyllic (adj) charming; naturally peaceful
ignominy (n) deep disgrace
illicit (adj) illegal
immigrate (v) to move permanently to a new country
imminent (adj) just about to happen
immutable (adj) unchangeable
impartial (adj) fair
impeccable (adj) flawless; entirely without sin
imperial (adj) like an emperor or an empire
impervious (adj) impenetrable
impetuous (adj) impulsive; extremely impatient
implement (v) to carry out
impotent (adj) powerless; helpless
impugn (v) to attack
inane (adj) silly; senseless
inaugurate (v) to begin officially
incandescent (adj) brilliant; giving off heat or light
incantation (n) a chant
incense (v) to make very angry
incessant (adj) unceasing
incipient (adj) beginning; emerging
incisive (adj) cutting right to the heart of the matter
incongruous (adj) not harmonious; not consistent; not appropriate
incorrigible (adj) incapable of being reformed
increment (n) an increase; one in a series of increases
indifferent (adj) not caring one way or the other; apathetic; mediocre
indigenous (adj) native; originating in that area
indigent (adj) poor
indignant (adj) angry, especially as a result of something unjust or unworthy; insulted
indolent (adj0 lazy
indulgent (adj) lenient; yielding to desire
ineffable (adj) incapable of being expressed or described
inept (adj) clumsy; incompetent; gauche
inert (adj) inactive; sluggish; not reacting chemically
inexorable (adj0 relentless; inevitable; unavoidable
infamous (adj) shamefully wicked; having an extremely bad reputation; disgraceful
infatuated (adj) foolish; foolishly passionate or attracted; made foolish; foolishly in love
infer (v) to conclude; to deduce
infinitesimal (adj) very, very, very small; infinitely small
ingenuous (adj) frank; without deception; simple; artless; charmingly naive
inherent (adj) part of the essential nature of something; intrinsic
injunction (n) a command or order, especially a court order
innate (adj) existing since birth; inborn; inherent
innocuous (adj) harmless; banal
inordinate (adj) excessive; unreasonable
insatiable (adj) hard or impossible to satisfy; greedy; avaricious
insidious (adj) treacherous; sneaky
insinuate (v) to hint; to creep in
insipid (adj) dull; bland; banal
insolent (adj) arrogant; insulting
instigate (v) to provoke; to stir up
insular (adj) like an island; isolated
insurgent (n) a rebel; someone who revolts against a government
integral (adj) essential
integrate (v) to combine two or more things into a whole
intractable (adj) uncontrollable; stubborn; disobedient
intransigent (adj) uncompromising; stubborn
intrinsic (adj) part of the essential nautre of something; inherent
introspective (adj) tending to think about oneself; examining one's feelings
inundate (v) to flood; to cover completely with water; to overwhelm
invective (n) insulting or abusive speech
inveterate (adj) habitual; firm in habit; deeply rooted
irascible (adj) easily angered or provoked; irritable
ironic (adj) meaning the opposite of what you seem to say; using words to mean something other than what they seem to mean
irrevocable (adj) irreversible
itinerant (adj) moving from place to place
Created by: lissakim25


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