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Word Smart - "D"

daunt (v) to make fearful; to intimidate
dearth (n) lack; scarcity
debacle (n) violent breakdown; sudden overthrow; overwhelming defeat
debauchery (n) wild living; excessive intemperance
debilitate (v) to weaken; to cripple
decadent (adj) decaying or decayed, especially in terms of morals
decimate (v) to kill or destroy a large part of
decorous (adj) proper; in good taste; orderly
deduce (v) to conclude from the evidence; to infer
defame (v) to libel or slander; to ruin the good name of
deference (n) submission to another's will; respect; courtesy
definitive (adj) conclusive; providing the last word
degenerate (v) to break down; to deteriorate
deleterious (adj) harmful
delineate (v) to describe accurately; to draw in outline
delude (v) to deceive
deluge (n) a flood; an inundation
demagogue (n) a leader of the people, but more a rabble rouser
denizen (n) inhabitant
depravity (n) extreme wickedness or corruption
deprecate (v) to express disapproval of
deride (v) to ridicule; to laugh at contemptuously
derogatory (adj) disapproving; degrading
desiccate (v) to dry out
despondent (adj) extremely depressed; full of despair
despot (n) an absolute ruler; an autocrat
destitute (adj) extremely poor; utterly lacking
desultory (adj) without a plan or purpose; disconnected; random
dextrous (adj) skillful; adroit
dialectical (adj) relating to discussions; relating to the rules and methods of reasoning; approaching truth in the middle of opposing extremes
dictum (n) an authoritative saying; an adage; a maxim; a proverb
didactic (adj) intended to teach; morally instructive; pedantic
diffident (adj) timid; lacking in self-confidence
digress (v) to stray from the main subject
dilettante (n) someone with superficial knowledge of the arts; an amateur; a dabbler
discern (v) to have insight; to see things clearly; to discriminate; to differentiate
discreet (adj) prudent; judiciously reserved
discrete (adj) unconnected; separate; distinct
discriminate (v) to notice or point out the difference between two or more things; to discern; to differentiate
disdain (n) arrogant scorn; contempt
disinterested (adj) not taking sides; unbiased
disparage (v) to belittle; to say uncomplimentary things about, usually in a somewhat indirect way
disparate (adj) different; incompatible; unequal
disseminate (v) to spread the seeds of somehting; to scatter; to make widely known
dissipate (v) to thin out, drift away, or dissolve; to cause to thin out, drift away, or dissolve; to waste or squander
dissolution (n) the breaking up or dissolving of something into parts; disintegration
distend (v) to swell; to extend a great deal
distinguish (v) to tell apart; to cause to stand out
docile (adj) easily taught; obedient; easy to handle
doctrinaire (adj) inflexibly committed to a doctrine or theory without regard to its practicality; dogmatic
dogmatic (adj) arrogantly assertive of unproven ideas; stubbornly claiming that something (often a system of beliefs) is beyond dispute
domestic (adj) having to do with the household or family; not foreign
dormant (adj) inactive; as though asleep; asleep
dubious (adj) full of doubt; uncertain
duplicity (n) the act of being two-faced; double-dealing; deception
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